Try and have a better time in Australia than Will Smith, just try

Will Smith, new king of Instagram, had himself an Australian adventure.
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For a guy who’s still pretty new to Instagram, Will Smith is killing it.

The actor only joined the social platform in December, but for his big trip to Australia to promote his not-so-great Netflix movie Bright, he’s really let us into his world.

While there are plethora of PR-approved, tightly curated celebrity accounts out there, Smith’s stream of Instagram posts indicate he isn’t shy about being a bit of a dorky dad that’s just having a helluva good time Down Under. 

Prime example: His trip to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo where he offered up some excellent narration when he came face-to-face with a crocodile, and met with a very cute and sleepy wombat.

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He’s been taking selfies in front of an Australian icon, the Sydney Opera House.

What Up, Sydney? Ya’ Boy is in the Buildin’

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And raving about how damn good Sydney’s food is, even if he hates people taking pictures of it.

He’s managed to get a bit of local culture into him.

Smith may have only been in Australia for a few days, but he’s already trying his hand at local slang.

Look, if Will Smith tried to sue Bondi Beach coffee roaster Will & Co, we reckon they’d be flattered.

I found this coffee company in Australia. Two words: I’m suing.

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Seriously, he’s just having the best time ever. 

Chris Cuomo Smith reporting to you live from a boat in Australia

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