These TV Shows & Movies Are Leaving Netflix In October, So Get To Watching

Hulu may have won big at the Emmys, but Netflix is still the number one streaming service for most American households. Though we love their original movies and TV shows, the original reason it was adopted so widely was the wide variety of older shows and movies that it provided via streaming. But while Netflix brings great new stuff every month, it has to take stuff a way to make room. Here are the TV shows and movies leaving Netflix in October.

The biggest title heading for pasture this month is , Tina Fey’s groundbreaking series that was a fictionalized idea of what it is to make a show like . It made permanent stars of such alums as Tracy Jordan and revived the career of Alec Baldwin.  A perennial favorite of binge-watchers, Netflix will be taking down Seasons 1-7 starting October 1st.

In other notable titles departing, will be switching off. One of the most sympathetic portrayals of modern American life and high school, as well as a look into what football is the most popular sport of our nation, heads out on Oct. 1, all five seasons of it. Full eyes, clear hearts, can’t lose. Hopefully, it will turn up streaming elsewhere soon.

Speaking of teenage life,  Seasons 1-9 is also taking off. One of the few shows that was on the WB and then crossed over to the CW during the channel transition, this program, which made a household name out of Chad Michael Murray, lasted nine full seasons, despite all the odds against it. All nine seasons are also what will be leaving. The Scott Brothers live on in our hearts though.

is also leaving, ironically just as it’s star Frankie Muniz is making a comeback on ABC’s this season. One might think Netflix would keep the show around in hopes his run on the dance floor might inspire a revival, but not to be. All seven seasons of it are saying farewell.

Other full seasons of TV shows leaving:  (Seasons 1-4),  (the original, not the recent reboot, Seasons 1-4),  (Seasons 1-5) and the all time classic  (Seasons 1-6.) also, to my great regret,  is leaving. I love all of his nature programs.

In movies, some of the most notable titles making way for new fare are the Cohen Brothers’ , the Christmas favorite  (which makes no sense — shouldn’t they keep it until January?) and  because all that was good as right about 1997 is twenty years old.

Let’s run down the full list of what’s heading for the hills this month on Netflix streaming.

Leaving 10/1/17

Leaving 10/19/17

Leaving 10/21/17

Leaving 10/27/17

Leaving 10/29/17

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