The Best Cyber Monday Gaming Deals We’ve Found So Far

We’ve already published our favorite Black Friday deals for 2017, but we’re making some topic-specific guides to help you navigate the immense number of deals going on over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are a lot of excellent gaming deals going on, and we’ve gathered some of the best right here, all available online so you don’t have to traipse around in the cold on Thanksgiving weekend to get them.

(Be sure to also check out our Cyber Monday deals guide for a lot more sales.)

Handpicked WIRED Cyber Monday Guides:

Gaming Service Deals

1 Year of PlayStation Plus – $40 ($20 off)

Buy on Amazon

If you own a PS4, you need PS Plus to play online. It also gives you access to a few free games each month. This is an easy way to save a few bucks on a service that's basically required.

1 Year of Xbox Live Gold- $50 ($10 off)

Buy on Amazon

If you have an Xbox, Xbox Live Gold is a no-brainer. Not only does it get you online multiplayer access, it also nabs you a few Games with Gold each month you can play for absolutely free. So this is basically just $10 off what you already have to pay for.

Gaming Hardware Deals

Logitech Prodigy Gaming Headset – $35 ($35 off)

Buy on Amazon

This is a quality wired gaming headset that will work with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and other sources. We haven't tested it, but it has strong reviews around the web. At $35, it's a great deal.

Xbox One S Console Bundle – $190 ($60 off)

Buy on Amazon, Jet, Microsoft Store (extra game included), B&H Photo

A number of retailers will offer the Xbox One S for $190 throughout Cyber Weekend. This is a very low price, and unless you have a 4K TV with HDR, there’s no reason to get a One X over a One S this holiday. The Microsoft Store has the best deal of the bunch. It includes a free game and one month Game Pass.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB – $349 ($50 off)

Buy on Walmart, Best Buy

Walmart has the PS4 Pro at the lowest price we've seen this season. $50 might not seem like a big discount, but this powerful console rarely dips below its $400 price, so every little bit helps. If you get it at Best Buy, you'll also see a free copy of Destiny 2 appear in your shopping cart!

Blackout Yeti USB Microphone and Assassin's Creed Origins Bundle – $92 ($48 off)

Buy on Amazon

An amazing value on this bundle. The game is almost free.

Razer Mano'war Gaming Headset – $119 ($50 off)

Buy on Razer

Razer's award-winning wireless gaming headset for the PC is at a discount for Black Friday. PC/Mac/PS4 only. Sorry Xbox fans.

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset – $80 ($20 off)

Buy on Razer

Need a PC-compatible USB headset? One of Razer's best is $20 off right now.

New Nintendo 3DS XL – $179 ($20 off)

Buy on Walmart

If you can't afford a Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo 3DS has a back catalog of awesome games that can't be beat, and all for pennies on the dollar. Save $20 on the latest 3DS console. If you don't care about 3D (and you don't need to), you can save another $30 with the new 2DS XL, which we highly recommend.

Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers Bundle – $350 ($50 off)

Buy on Amazon

The Rift keeps getting cheaper, and that's a great thing for anyone who wants to try out VR. If you're thinking of buying into high-end VR this year on your PC, the Rift likely won't get cheaper.

PS4 and Xbox One Controllers – $40 ($20 off)

Buy PS4 Controllers on Amazon, Best Buy (Crystal Red), Walmart

Buy Xbox One Controllers on Amazon, Microsoft Store

PS4 controllers seem like they run out of juice every day or two, and they always cost at least $60 to replace. If you’re in need, most Sony DualShock controller colors will be $40 all week, and Microsoft is discounting many versions of its Xbox One controller to match. Oddly enough, leading up to Black Friday, both companies are already discounting their controllers. Best Buy and Walmart have some new exclusive DualShock colors, as well.

PlayStation VR Headset with Skyrim VR – $350 ($100 off)

Buy Skyrim VR Bundle on Best Buy, GameStop, Target

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset (read WIRED’s review) works with any PS4, and it’s finally coming down in price. This bundle comes with a special version of Skyrim, two motion controllers, the headset, and camera. B&H Photo has a similar PSVR bundle with PlayStation Worlds, if the Skyrim VR version sells out.

PlayStation VR Headset with Gran Turismo Sport – $299 ($100 off)

Buy on Amazon

Even though this bundle includes fewer accessories, it's still an affordable way to get into a new PSVR headset. Includes PSVR, the PS4 Camera, and Gran Turismo.

PlayStation VR Headset (by itself) – $200 ($100 off)

Buy on GameStop

If you don't need the games, but still want the headset, it is on sale as well. You can purchase games digitally through Sony's PlayStation Store.

Nintendo Switch Console – $300 (Hard to find)

Buy on Amazon, GameStop

It's not on discount, but if you hope to get a Nintendo Switch in time for Christmas or another holiday, we highly recommend you order it now. Amazon is currently out of stock, but is still accepting orders and Nintendo is ramping up availability over the holidays.

Nintendo Switch Travel Case – $10 ($20 off)

Buy on Amazon

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you should get a case for it. It's screen will scratch if you're not careful. This travel case is perfect for packing in your luggage.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Comfort Grip – $7 ($8 off)

Buy on Amazon

If you need a second grip for your Joy-Cons, seize the moment! Highly recommended if you buy extra Joy-Cons.

Video Game Deals

Overwatch (Game of the Year Edition) for PC – $30 ($30 off)

Buy on Amazon

The digital version of Overwatch is on sale for PC (only). Overwatch is one of the few multiplayer games that’s held interest for a year and a half now, and shows no signs of losing its community yet. With more maps and more characters, it’s better than ever.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole – $44 ($15 off)

Buy on Amazon, Walmart

Like The Stick of Truth, the latest South Park game is a well-made old-school RPG, and looks exactly like an episode of the TV show. It’s difficulty settings will also surprise you. The game is on sale for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch – $51 ($9 off)

Buy on Amazon

You wouldn't think that a game filled with Ubisoft's annoying Rabbids would be fun, but you'd be wrong. This is a fun and utterly absurd Mario crossover collaboration that is worth picking up.

Madden 18 – $30 ($30 off)

Buy on Amazon

This year's new Madden game is already half-off in download form.

FIFA 18 – $30 ($30 off)

Buy on Amazon

Prefer football to American football? FIFA 18 is also half-off right now.

Civilization VI – $30 ($30 off)

Buy for Mac on Amazon

Buy for Windows on Amazon

Sid Meier's Civilization is one of the defining gaming series since the dawn of the PC gaming era, and it's better than ever. This installment is the newest and got near universal praise upon its release.

Destiny 2 – $50 ($10 off)

Buy on Walmart

Destiny 2 improves on a lot of the issues players had with the first Destiny and at $30, it’s very affordable for a relatively new game. Developer Bungie continues to fill the game with new content on a regular basis, as well.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Edition – $60

Buy on Amazon, Best Buy, Target

Breath of the Wild is a serious candidate for Game of the Year, and one of the best reasons to buy a Nintendo Switch (which Amazon is working to restock as quickly as possible). This special version comes with a special two-sided map of Hyrule and an Explorer’s Guide with extra lore and fun info about the game.

Doom for PS4 – $20 ($10 off)

Buy on Amazon, Best Buy

Doom is scary and twisted, but also a very fun single player game with some solid multiplayer components. At $20, it’s hard to pass up.

Toys That Gamers Will Love

No, they're not video games, but you'll love them anyway!

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid – $130 ($20 off)

Buy on Jet

A loyal little droid for the Star Wars fan in your life to send on missions, or simply to clutch while watching the Force awaken.

LittleBits Star Wars Droid Creator Kit – $79 ($20 off)

Buy on Walmart, Amazon

We will keep picking and picking this toy to prove that it's one of the best and most enjoyable way to indulge both a bot-building hobby and a Star Wars fixation.

Lego Star Wars sets (10-50% off)

Buy on Amazon

If you've never built the Millenium Falcon, now's your chance. You're never too old for Legos.

Pixel Pals Light-Up Gaming Figurines – $10 ($5 off)

Buy on Amazon

Pixel Pals are fun pixelated versions of many iconic video game characters, including Mario, Luigi, Sonic the Hedgehog, Master Chief, and more. They light up and are a great desk item. Some of the models are on sale.

ThinkGeek has a Lot of Sales For Cyber Monday

Buy on ThinkGeek

Want a Super Mario Star for your Christmas tree? An R2-D2 screwdriver? A set of Christmas lights that look like potion bottles? ThinkGeek keeps adding interesting and crazy items every day, right through Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Ads for 2017:

We’ve sifted through the mess of deals, but if you want to look for yourself, here are some links. Many of these ads may not be live until day-of.

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