Geese, nature’s conniving feather-jerks, are the stars of this ridiculous 2018 game

I am so very here for a game that lets you commandeer a goose whose only purpose in life is to be a total shit.

That’s what you’re getting in “Untitled Goose Game,” which is coming in 2018 from House House. An extended trailer highlights the various ways your plucky, little waterfowl can cause trouble.

Your goose appears to be charged with hassling unsuspecting humans. In the trailer, the target is a groundskeeper and your goals include “get the groundskeeper wet” and “rake in the lake.” Even mundane goals, like “get into the garden” involve mischief — in this case, swiping the poor groundskeeper’s radio, which leads to him opening the gate to check what happened.

There’s also apparently a button that lets you just honk annoyingly. That’s a win on its own.

This untitled goose game appears to be an environmental puzzle game at heart, with a focus on using the tools provided by the world around you to complete a list of activities. How and why a goose is waddling around with a written out to-do list is beyond me, but it’s best not to ask questions here. Just go with it.

The comedy seems to write itself here, though the game’s success or failure will ultimately depend on how much flexibility you have to futz with the world around you. It certainly looks like there’s a great deal of open-endedness in the way you can tackle these challenges, but time will tell.

The fact that the game is coming from House House is encouraging. The small indie studio is known best for its completely bizarre multiplayer game Push Me Pull You, in which two teams of two players apiece each take control of a fleshy, human-esque centipede with heads and arms at both ends. They then compete in a soccer-like sport.

It’s a creative and totally bizarre video game, but great fun to play. Somehow, this unreleased goose game seems slightly more grounded — though we’re only seeing one small chunk of it in this trailer. Who knows what else our goose friend can get up to?

One thing we do know: it looks like there’s cooperative play. A brief snippet at the end of the trailer shows not one but two geese honking and tormenting the groundskeeper.

There’s no release date more specific than “2018” just yet, but holy crap this looks like a grand time. You can keep up with subsequent announcements on the game’s website, right here.

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