Boxer’s 7-year-old son hits Dads opponent in the d**k


As Billy Joe Saunders and Willie Monroe Jr. faced off for the cameras to preview their middleweight title fight on Saturday night, Saunders’ 7-year-old son sneaked onto the scale between them. Monroe, in response, tousled the boy’s hair. Saunders’ kid responded by punching Monroe in the nuts and trying to kick him in the leg.

It was a most unusual sight at a boxing weigh-in.

Notice how Saunders had little reaction to his kid’s attempted assault. Also notice how Monroe’s trainer T.J. Nolan got really pissed, telling the promoter it was “bullshit” (the kid then apparently responded that, in fact, Nolan was “bullshit” ). Then, the kid was heard yelling “Fuck you.”

Afterward, Saunders—who called Monroe a “queer” earlier this week—seemed fine with his boy’s behavior.

According to the Sun, Nolan said, “When you roll with a wolf pack and the leader of the pack is like Saunders is, that’s the outcome—you get screwed up little kids. That’s what is wrong with the world today. Maybe Billy Joe Saunders is teaching his kids to do wrong. He seems like a horrible person.”

The undefeated Saunders is the betting favorite to beat Monroe on Saturday night. But boxing fans mostly hate him because of his grating personality, and his son’s performance on Friday probably won’t do much to help Saunders’ popularity—even if his kid has quite a right hook.

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