5 A. Rod and J. Lo Couples Costumes Perfect For You & Your SO This Halloween

J. Lo and A. Rod are the dream team. Not only are they one of the richest couples of all time, but they are also the sexiest. I mean, how can A. Rod keep his hands off J. Lo? How can J. Lo look anywhere other than straight into A. Rod’s dreamy, blue eyes? They are gorgeous in every way. Did I also mention they’re successful AF? Yeah, it’s really not fair. This Halloween, get creative, get sassy, and stand out with these A. Rod and J .Lo couples costumes.

J. Lo and A. Rod began their mystical and magical love affair back in March of 2017, and the whole world said, “They’re literally the perfect couple. Why haven’t they been dating forever?” If you didn’t say that out loud, you definitely thought it. It all started with a simple introduction, then… boom. The two were madly in love. Here’s what J. Lo said on the Ellen DeGeneres show back in August.

The superstar revealed,

It’s very simple… I was having lunch somewhere and I saw him and he passed by… and then afterwards I went outside but for some reason I just felt like tapping him on the shoulder… and I said, ‘Hi Alex,’ and he’s like, ‘Hi! Jennifer!’ and I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and then that was it.

Wow! How thrilling is that story? Just kidding. Come on, J. Lo. We need more details, and we need you to spice things up! She made it sound a little like an arranged marriage. Regardless of how they met, they’re adorable. Here are some great looks from the fabulous duo for Halloween inspiration this year.

Pro tip: all of the costume suggestions below are affordable, fun and mostly from Amazon. It’s true. You really can find anything there.

1. J. Lo And A. Rod At The Met Gala

This style is easily one of the couple’s greatest looks. Just look at that baby blue gown. Get it, J. Lo. Here’s what you’ll need to achieve this look:

J. Lo

A. Rod

2. The Joint Birthday Celebration Look

OMG. Who could ever forget this seductive, stunning dress she wore to her joint birthday party with A. Rod? They both looked phenomenal and happily in love. Here are the details about their look:

J. Lo

A. Rod

3. The Home Game Look

This was definitely one of the cutest moments in their relationship, and everyone will recognize you at the Halloween party! Also, look how proud J. Lo is. It’s cuteness overload.

J. Lo

A. Rod

4. The Coolest Couple

Jennifer Lopez stuns in the amazing green dress with her bae, and we are totally here for it. They can’t get any cooler. I love them.

J. Lo

A. Rod

5. The Post-Workout Look

Get into the J. Lo and A. Rod style with this post-workout look. They do everything together, and they make it look so fun! Here’s what you’ll need:

J. Lo:

A. Rod

Another fun way to really complete the look is to ask a couple of friends to pose as the paparazzi. You’ll confuse everyone and feel famous for a night. How fun does that sound?

There you have it! Now that you have some creative costume ideas in your back pocket, you will be the most famous couple at the Halloween party. Say hello to the new J. Lo and A. Rod in town because they have arrived just in time for Halloween. Whoo whoo!

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