10 Cyber Monday Deals You Wont Want to Miss Out On

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10 Cyber Monday Deals You Wont Want to Miss Out On

Here are some of the best Cyber Monday deals from The Daily Beast Shop:

1. FRESHeBUDS Ultra Earbuds Aside from an impressive 10-hour battery life, these Bluetooth earbuds stay tangle-free with embedded magnets. They also pair with your device when you pull them apart and turn off automatically when they snap together. You can get them here for $40 or 74% off their normal pricing with coupon code: CYBER20.

2. Glowing iOS Lightning Charging CableThis glowing charge cable is the perfect accessory for your holiday travels. Its illumination also serves a purpose beyond needless panache: the speed of light flow indicates how fast its charging. Pick it up from the Daily Beast Shop for 50% off or just $9.99.

3. RevolCam: The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for SmartphonesWith this RevolCam lens attachment, you can finally step up the quality of your phone pics. It gives your device three new optical options switch between wide-angle, macro, and fisheye with a flick of your finger. Its big LED lamp is also removable to allow for more creative, optimal lighting. Usually $59, you can get it for $24 by using coupon code: CYBER20 at checkout. >>Click for more deals.

4. Genius Pack Aerial Hardside Carry On Spinner This lightweight suitcase might finally convince you to stop packing your luggage in garbage bagsbut you can cross that bridge when you come to it. In addition to weighing just over 6 pounds, its got a separate compartment for dirty laundry, dedicated pockets for socks, underwear, and device chargers, and even a sleeve for your packing checklist. Pick it up from our shop for $159.99, over 45% off the retail price.

5. Activeon CX 1080p WiFi Action Camera No need to drop excess cash on a GoPro when you can get the same durable quality from this Activeon action camera. It captures video in glorious 1080p, and features a clever 2-button control setup that allows it to be easily usable without looking. They are now on sale for $32 when you use coupon code: CYBER20 at checkout.

6. LithiumCard Wallet Battery Instead of toting around a chunky power brick to keep your phone alive, check out this ultra-slim wallet battery. Its no thicker than a small stack of credit cards, and recharges 1% of your battery per minute. Get it in either lightning or microUSB options here for $16 when you use coupon code: CYBER20 at checkout.

7. SaberLight Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter: 2-Pack Butane lighters are so 20th century and not at all TSA-approved. For a flame thats totally wind- and splash-proof that you can also bring anywhere, check out these SaberLight rechargeable plasma lighters. A 2-pack will run you $24.99 when you use coupon code: CYBER20.

8. MIM Hybrid Smart Watches Smartwatches always end up looking conspicuously like tech gadgets, except for these Hybrid MIM timepieces. They retain a classic look, while giving you plenty of handy features like push notifications and activity tracking. Plus, theyre only $39 when you use coupon code: CYBER20 at checkout.

9. OMNIA Travel Adapter Anyone who can afford to travel to several countries will know how annoying it is to pack multiple AC power adapters. Lighten your load with this universal USB charger its unique sliding mechanism packs 5 different standard plugs into a single tiny cube to help you recharge in 150 different countries. Pick one up for over 25% off, just $36.99.

10. Hover 4K Camera Passport Self-Flying Camera Drone Bet you were wondering: what could possibly come next for drone technology? If you guessed self-flying drones that will document your journey without you lifting a finger, then you guessed correctly. The Hover 4K Drone uses facial recognition technology to film your every moveand it even folds up into a portable package when not in use. This innovative technology rarely goes on salebut you can get it for 30% off at just $349.99.

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