You’ll want to have these 10 apps on hand next time you protest

Image: David McNew/Getty Images

Overwhelmed by President Donald Trump? Attending a protest or march is one way to make your voice heard.

If you’re headed out, it’s a good idea to expect the unexpected. Here are the apps we recommend you have at your fingertips while you’re fighting the good fight.

1. Countable


What it does: Countable gives you information about your local lawmakers and how they voted on proposed legislation. It also helps you message your representatives directly.

When you’ll want it: Whenever you want additional detail about current events or want to take a step beyond marching.

Download it: iOS and Android

2. Zello Walkie Talkie


What it does: Just like an old-school walkie talkie, this app lets you easily send voice messages to large groups of people.

When you’ll want it: When you want an extra layer of coordination when you’re marching with a large groupand to make sure you can stay in touch if you get separated.

Download it: iOS and Android

3. Find My Friends


What it does: Gives a map of your friends’ whereabouts in relation to yours.

When you’ll want it: When you’re having trouble finding your buddies in a massive crowd.

Download it: iOS andAndroid

4. SitOrSquat


What it does: This gives you a handy locator that points to the nearest restroom.

When you’ll want it: You’ll know when the time is right.

Download it: iOS and Android

5. Avast Wi-Fi Finder

Image: AVAST Software

What it does: It’s a map that displays available hotspots in your location. When you tap on one, it will let you know if you’ll need a password to connect.

When you’ll want it: When you’ve reached your data cap or when you have a patchy mobile connection.

Download it: iOS and Android

6. MySOS Family App

Image: MY SOS family

What it does: Provides an alert system that automatically notifies emergency contacts with the tap of a button.

When you’ll want it: When you need urgent assistance and you want to notify your loved ones at once and immediately.

Download it: iOS andAndroid

7. Signal

Image: open whisper systems

What it does: Signal is a private messaging app with end-to-end encryption that “scrambles” your texts so that it’s almost impossible for them to be intercepted by someone other than the intended recipient.

When you’ll want it: When you need to communicate extremely sensitive information and really don’t want someone hacking into your account to obtain said information.

Download it:iOS and Android

8. FireChat


What it does: Lets you communicate to others without internet, via Bluetooth.

When you’ll want it: When both the internet on your phone and Wi-Fi hotspot fail you.

Download it: iOS and Android

9. Battery Doctor

What it does: This meter predicts how much battery you have left on your phone, and also tracks how apps are sapping your device’s precious energy.

When you’ll want it: When you’ve exhausted your portable charger and you might need to resort to clearing apps to make your battery life last longer.

Download it: Android

10. Know Your Rights

Image: Know Your Rights

What it does: This app informs you of your Constitutional rights in different scenarios.

When you’ll want it: When police stop you to ask questions and you want to know the best action you should take to ensure maximum legal protection.

Download it: Android

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