This Girl Found More Than She Bargained For In Grandfathers Mysterious Box

An Imgur user from Michigan recently made a startling discovery in her grandparents’ home. In her grandfather’s closet, she found a small wooden box. The box itself was faulty, with the lid unable to close completely, a mechanism that was definitely on its last legs. But it was what was inside that was a lot more valuable.

The first thing she noticed was a host of saved paperwork you would expect to find in an old box, such as a tattered high school diploma. But when she looked further, she found out the chest held far more secrets, documenting various iconic events throughout history.

1. It turns out the top drawers were removable

2. Inside were many magazine and newspaper clippings collected over the years

3. The death of President McKinley (1901)

4. The end of WWI (1918)

5. The atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima (1945)

6. The United States’bicentennial (1976)

7. The end of WWII (1945)

8.The moon landing (1969)

9. A look into the assassination of JFK (1966)

10. Elizabeth II is crowned Queen (1953)

11. Psychological study (1977)

12. JFK is killed (1963)

13. The oldest original clipping in the box (1891)

14. The death of Roosevelt (1919)

15. Eisenhower wins election (1952)

These clippings are astounding finds, flashes of times long gone. It makes me wonder if I should start collecting important newspaper clippings to store away, for my grandchildren to look on one day. If you’re in the mood to go down memory lane and see important sights of the past, you should definitely check out this list ofmind blowing images from the history archives.

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