The internet laughs at Conor McGregor after he posts his boxing workout video


The Aug. 26 Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregorevent is a fight thats attracting the most mainstream attention and coverage for the sport of boxing in years. The best fighter of his generation (Mayweather) taking on an MMA star whos making his pro boxing debut (McGregor) is a contest that has people salivating about the possibility of McGregor pulling off the greatest upset in sports history.

But theres almost no chance McGregor can win, and after both posted training videos this week, its easy to see why. And its easy to understand why people are laughing at McGregor and his rudimentary skills.

First, Mayweather released his video late last week, showing that hes still got plenty oftalent and speed for a 40-year-old fighter.

Then, in response, McGregor posted this.

You probably dont have to be a boxing aficionado to see that McGregor is in deep trouble against Mayweather. Need more proof? Heres a video Black Sports Online put together to highlight the vast differences.

Predictably, the internet had a nice chuckle at McGregors expense.

McGregor, though, will likely have the last laugh. Yes, hes probably going to get embarrassed by Mayweatherand potentially knocked out coldbut hes reportedly going to make at least $75 million for this fight. Either way, despite his elementary boxing skills, McGregor is going to win big.

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