Muslims keep alive Kolkata’s Jewish schools, stores and traditions

June 16, 2017

Kolkata, India (CNN)When Mitana Alexander bid goodbye to Kolkata’s Jewish Girls School in 1975, she was its last Jewish student. The bulk of the others were Muslims. They were worried because she was last remaining occupant of a Jews-only dormitory, as most Jewish girls they had known had migrated to Israkel, America or Europe “with their folks.” A new age for India’s Anglo-Indians …


LGBT community prepares for a march — and a fight

June 10, 2017

… Trump’s promises during the campaign to be a “friend” to the gay community. Although Trump has continued President Barack Obama’s executive order protecting LGBT federal workers and LGBT military service members still serve openly, his administration has revoked protections for transgender school students, and its mentions of the words lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in statements have been few and far between. …


Stephen Colbert Slams Trump for Comparing His TV Ratings to 9/11

… York primary, in order to curry favor with voters, and the only donation that his Donald J. Trump Charitable Foundation made to a 9/11-related charity prior to his running for president was $1,000 to the New York Rescue workers Detoxification Funda bizarre outfit that promotes Scientologys Purification Rundown, which has come under fire from the medical community. Mr. President, I know youre proud of your ratings, but how do I say this: Its not normally a good thing to compare yourself to 9/11. …

May 22, 2017

Your Weekend Horoscopes May 19-21: Black Out All Weekend & Blame It On Your Sign

… sport *shakes fist* Oh sorry, was that just me? K. Well while the stars can’t predict how public transportation will decide to purposefully ruin your life, they predict when you should take a vacation, how to deal with people who annoy you (non-MTA workers), that sort of thing. So read on for your weekend horoscopes while I pop a Xanax and deal with my anger issues. Taurus Listen up, Taurus. Its time to make a change. You are so clearly unhappy in your current situation and it …

May 21, 2017

Bulletin bets that online shopping brands still want storefronts

… longterm commitment of leasing their own retail space. Kriegsman describes it as a WeWork for brands a reference to that companys communal office space for freelancers and other independent workers. This is the cheesiest way to say this but brick-and-mortar isnt dead, its just broken, Branston said. A lot of physical retail fails because these extremely dated companies sort of throw a store together and sign a 10-year lease. When you do it right, you can connect with your customers IRL …

May 19, 2017

What It’s Like To Spend A Day In The Life Of The Women’s March Leaders

… I met St. Bernard at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator in South Williamsburg. Alexandra Svokos Shed also had a busy morning as her 2-year-old son was sick. Her husbands family was in town for Passover, so they were taking care of him for the day. The acceleratoris where her fashion line, Tabii Just, gets made. The labelis zero-waste, and St. Bernard is an advocate for workers rights. She tried out a few factories before finding one that both treated workers respectfully and treated …

May 15, 2017