Grand Jury’s ‘Myth’ Report On A California Jail Snitch Scandal Draws Criticism

June 24, 2017

… Los Angeles Times that he was never contacted by the grand jury about Rodriguezs case. I was surprised and distressed by the grand jury report, Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of law at the University of California, Berkeley, told HuffPost. Heres some of the reasons the report left many feeling that an independent probe is desperately needed now more than ever before. Gail Fisher via Getty Images Grand jury says its just rogue deputies who worked informants improperly, despite court evidence. …


College offers courses in becoming a bona fide social media influencer

June 22, 2017

Image: AFP/Getty Images Wanna become an Instagram star? Now, you can get a formal education for that. A University in China is offering courses that are meant to equip students with the skills they need for online fame. SEE ALSO: Instagram influencers are utter nonsense, and Fyre Fest proves it From make-up classes, catwalk practice to dance performances, the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College (YWICC) near Shanghai says it knows what you need to become a social media celeb. Image: …


Don’t lose sleep over apnea, but treatment is crucial

June 21, 2017

(CNN)Last week, actress Carrie Fisher’s autopsy report contained a surprising detail: The Los Angeles medical examiner listed sleep apnea as a factor in the “Star Wars” actress’ death. Sleep apnea is when a person stops breathing while sleeping, for 10 seconds to a minute or longer. This can happen repeatedly during the night, causing blood-oxygen levels to dip and putting a strain on the heart. See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on …


Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby sexual assault case

June 19, 2017

… “fans and supporters.” Constand was the director of operations for the womens basketball team at Temple University when she met Cosby in 2002, when she was 29 and Cosby was in his mid-60s. Cosby had testified in a deposition that he took an immediate romantic interest in her, and the two began a relationship. She filed a civil suit against him in 2005, claiming that one day Cosby gave her pills that left her paralyzed during a non-consensual sexual encounter. WATCH: This reviewer …


General election 2017: What caused Labour’s youth vote surge? – BBC News

June 17, 2017

… youth vote at the heart of Labour’s manifesto For the Many, Not the Few – and that was the eye-catching promise of scrapping tuition fees for University students and the pledge to reintroduce their maintenance grants. Image copyright PA Image caption Young people have increasingly taken part in political protests A string of endorsements from anti-establishment celebrities and musicians, including from the world of grime – a genre of music that blends garage and jungle …


Muslims keep alive Kolkata’s Jewish schools, stores and traditions

June 16, 2017

Kolkata, India (CNN)When Mitana Alexander bid goodbye to Kolkata’s Jewish Girls School in 1975, she was its last Jewish student. The bulk of the others were Muslims. They were worried because she was last remaining occupant of a Jews-only dormitory, as most Jewish girls they had known had migrated to Israkel, America or Europe “with their folks.” A new age for India’s Anglo-Indians …


Teen’s family recreates her mom’s special graduation photo

June 6, 2017

… I’m going to continue to work hard for them in college.” Tarin, who is attending Rider University in New Jersey in the fall to play Division 1 soccer, will be studying health sciences in hopes of becoming an occupational therapist. It sounds like her family was equally as pumped to recreate the nostalgic photo. “My family was excited about it, especially my dad. He was laughing [because] I had to get on his shoulders. They were really supportive of it because they knew how much …


The Secret Sorority at Penn States Deadly Hazing Party

June 5, 2017

… new organizationTrilogywith the purpose of continuing on for Penn States main philanthropic campus event: THON, a 46-hour dance marathon that raises money for the fight against childhood cancer. Trilogy even retained Tri Deltas fraternity partner, Kappa Delta Rho, and the University still considered it a Greek pairing, a student public relations representative of THON told the college newspaper at the time. A press release distributed at the time of Tri Deltas closing by the national office …


Election 2017: What do leaders do in their spare time? – BBC News

June 4, 2017

Image copyright PA Image caption Theresa May often heads to the hills with her husband Philip Prime Minister Theresa May likes to stretch her legs up and down hills and mountains, saying she decided to call the current election while walking in the Welsh mountains. Mrs May has also said she and her husband Philip enjoy “quite strenuous walking up mountains in Switzerland”. It may be worth remembering that the prime minister studied Geography at Oxford University. And while …


Meet the YouTube star behind Overly Attached Girlfriend

… finding where I worked and trying to access my college records. She used the name Laina Walker, after Annie Walker, Kristen Wiigs character in Bridesmaids, according to Refinery29. Stop pretending to be me on Facebook and Youtube. My last name isn't even Walker, weirdos. — Laina (@laina622) June 21, 2012 5) Morris dropped out of college to become a professional YouTuber Four months after Overly Attached Girlfriend took off, Morris dropped out of the University of North Texas, where …

May 23, 2017

Maria Bamford gets painfully real about student loans: ‘To receive an invoice is to know you’re alive’

Image: michael loccisana/Getty Images Ah, graduation season. A perfect time for celebrities, who are not really like us, to seem smart by giving vague inspirational speeches in funny hats. Instead, comic Maria Bamford used her invitation to speak at the very college she paid to attend the University of Minnesota to do what can only be described as the reverse DJ Khaled: She gave incredibly specific and useful wisdom to the (probably broke) grads. “To receive an invoice [from Sallie Mae] …

May 20, 2017

Climate change is pushing U.S. trees north and west

… northward in search of cooler climes. SEE ALSO: Climate change is messing with all your favorite birds “It is not future predictions,” Songlin Fei, the study’s lead author and a Purdue University professor, said in a press release. “Empirical data reveals the impact of climate change is happening on the ground now,” he said. “It’s in action.” Image: Songlin Fei Tree movement can have a profound impact on forest ecosystems. Soil, insects, …

May 20, 2017

Controversial Puerto Rican Nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera Returns To Chicago

… his homecoming, and assessed their motives as opportunistic and ultimately undedicated to Lopez Riveras ideals. His work teaches me that we as a diaspora can make change, Tirado said. On the island, Tirado said, University students and teachers have been fighting the severe austerity measures that have chopped education budgets. Lopez Rivera, she said, remains relevant because he still gives us hope. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsReClick 2.0 Performance 1-Click Video …

May 19, 2017