Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby sexual assault case

June 19, 2017

… “fans and supporters.” Constand was the director of operations for the womens basketball team at Temple University when she met Cosby in 2002, when she was 29 and Cosby was in his mid-60s. Cosby had testified in a deposition that he took an immediate romantic interest in her, and the two began a relationship. She filed a civil suit against him in 2005, claiming that one day Cosby gave her pills that left her paralyzed during a non-consensual sexual encounter. WATCH: This reviewer …


General election 2017: What caused Labour’s youth vote surge? – BBC News

June 17, 2017

… combined with the repeated use of adverts with practical messages designed to increase youth voter turnout by giving instructions on how to register to vote and where to find local polling stations. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Many of Momentum’s videos show Jeremy Corbyn embracing his supporters Its Facebook and Twitter pages feature a mixture of content, from posts mocking Theresa May’s record to videos of Mr Corbyn hugging some of his supporters. Joe Todd, …


Soccer stars reach out to girl disqualified from tournament because she ‘looks like a boy’

June 8, 2017

… actually Mili, whose parents say she cried after the team was kicked out of the tournament. But then their story garnered national news interest, and Mili now has some very high-profile supporters. “I was mad; I never had that problem before. Shes been playing so long in different tournaments,” Gerardo Hernandez, Mili’s father, told The Washington Post. “I dont want no problems with nobody, but that wasnt the right way to treat people. Why they want to tell my girl looks …


Bill Maher: The Indisputable Godfather of Political Late-Night

… conference Of course, yeah. Did you notice something different about it? That he had people in the room, his flacks, like it was The Howard Stern Show. So when hed say something, they would all clap, or when hed put the press down, they would all, Woo, woo, woo! This is new, this guy, and everything he does is kind of a new way to do it. This was a press conference where it was all about attacking the press. And because he had this group of supporters cheering him on, to the people watching at …

May 21, 2017

Controversial Puerto Rican Nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera Returns To Chicago

… and a reception in the park. Kim Bellware/HuffPost Some of Lopez Riveras older supporters thought neither they nor Rivera would live to see him walk free. Others, like Moses Cintron, 68, simply felt relief after supporting Lopez Rivera for at least 20 years. Those letters have been on my pickup the last five years, Cintron said. The group was linked to more than 100 bombings that injured dozens and killed five in cities like Chicago and New York. Though Lopez Rivera was never directly …

May 19, 2017