Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby sexual assault case

June 19, 2017

… the way that they were stuck. Each time they were sent back, reviewing and re-reviewing evidence and testimony, at one point asking for clarification on the term “reasonable doubt.” But in the end, they simply could not unanimously decide whether the comedian was guilty of sexual assault in 2004. What’s considered the best chance of getting Cosby on criminal charges which hes never faced despite accusations from more than 30 women will end with the judge declaring a mistrial. …


London fire: Lives claimed at Grenfell Tower – BBC News

June 14, 2017

… heartbreaking, I’ve seen someone flashing their torches at the top level and they obviously can’t get out.” Jody Martin said he ran towards the building to try and help when he saw the fire. He said he was shouting at people to “get out, get out” but that residents were shouting back that they were stuck as corridors inside the building were filled with smoke. ‘Building crumbling’ Tim Downie, another eyewitness, told the BBC part of the building was …


Adam West built the foundation of a Batman legacy

June 12, 2017

… finally met the man. West didn’t get the respect he deserves for what he accomplished with Batman until years later, when all those kids who grew up watching him turned their love of comic book heroes into a phenomenon. West was on the Con circuit long before it was cool and stuck around until people who weren’t comic book nerds started recognizing the broad cultural impact Adam West and others like him have had on our lives. West was 88 when he died and yet it feels like he’s …


This dating apps wants to give you a space to meet your dates IRL

June 3, 2017

… won’t be stuck standing in a room full of people who are all on first dates. *shudders* Theyve also scheduled a series of events with partners like Forbes, Whispering Angel Ros, and Drybar to keep things busy, and theres a coffee bar and a real bar too thank goodness. SEE ALSO: Wingman is the dating app that lets you play matchmaker for your friends This particular Hive is a short-term proposition, but Wolfe told us the plan is to make them a permanent fixture in select cities. She said …


Ruby Rose disses Katy Perry’s new Taylor Swift diss track

… Swift. SEE ALSO: Katy Perry’s new songs have been pretty terrible, and that’s a problem Taymerican citizen Ruby Rose, who has stuck up for Swift on Twitter in the past, is not a fan. She said her song “Chained to the Rhythm” is “purposeful poop” which I think we can all agree is funny regardless of our pop star alliances and suggested Perry’s “woke” rebrand is insincere. I just think with everything going on in the world to go from …

May 20, 2017

This is shaping up to be the bleakest season of ‘The Bachelorette’ yet

This woman is sufferingImage: abc Blink twice if you need us to come save you, Rachel Lindsay. The Bachelorette hasn’t even premiered yet, and already, it seems like the producers are hellbent on making Rachel suffer as much as possible. While professional reality television contestant Nick Viall had a pretty decent crop of accomplished women to choose from, Lindsay is stuck with a bunch of fucking clowns. Professions include “Tickle Monster” and “Whaboom.” Even an …

May 19, 2017

Even the Pope Isnt a Hard-Core Creationist

… hypothesis. But in 2011, Pope Benedict XVI seemed to dial back on the acceptance of science in the creation of the universe, when he touched on the issue of evolution at a mass celebrating the Epiphany, the day the Three Wise Men are believed to have followed the Star of Bethlehem to bring gifts to the newborn baby Jesus. Benedict stuck with the long-standing theory that only God was responsible for a grand design, with little wiggle room for interpretation. The universe is not the result of …

May 15, 2017