Here are the funniest lines from a coal CEO’s attempted takedown of John Oliver’s coal industry takedown

June 23, 2017

… was a reference to some apocryphal company lore about a squirrel urging Murray into the coal business it’s a long story. Suffice to say, Mr. Nutterbutter seems to have really gotten under Murray’s skin. BTW Murray didn’t actually talk to a squirrel, OK? “Specifically, in reference to an absurd story that Mr. Murray claimed a squirrel had told him he should operate his own mines, Defendant Oliver stated ‘You know what, I actually believe him on that one.’” At …


Facebook and Google are taking unprecedented steps to crack down on bad ads

June 19, 2017

… translated into code without collateral damage. Finally, Apple finished out the requisite threesome for a Journalistic Trend with a ban on autoplay videos and tracking cookies in its latest desktop version of Safari. While Safari accounts for a relatively small share of the overall browser market, it is nonetheless, of course, the default on popular Apple products, and there’s always a chance the company could expand the feature to mobile. With less skin in the advertising game, Apple …


Here’s What We Know About The U.S. Open Airship Crash

June 16, 2017

The pilot, who was still inside the airship when it crashed, suffered serious burns. He was taken to a Milwaukee hospitalin serious condition, but his injuries were not considered life-threatening. Heres what we know. The pilot had previously been involved in two forced landings. Thompson was trying to land because the winds were too strong. Patrick Walsh, president of AirSign, believes the crash was caused by a failure of the airships skin, which likely caused the blimp to …


I came up with some GoT season 7 theories while drinking 19 cups of coffee

June 11, 2017

… Game of Thrones is a small boys dream. 13 coffees in and I can see my blood through my skin. I envy the dead. It occurred to me that it is possible and likely that the entire plot of Game of Thrones exists within a small boy’s dream. Who is that boy? It is impossible to know. I see him, though. He is in my room and he is telling me what to write. Coffee #14: The dreaming boy is actually Jon Snow. Image: mashable composite; hbo/shutterstock The small dreaming boy is none other than Jon …


These new 3D scan fit helmets could make football safer

… occur in football when a high level impact causes the brain to strike the skull and begins to swell, can’t just be prevented by a better fitting helmet. They’re an unavoidable reality for the sport as it’s currently played, and no helmet can promise a truly concussion-free football experience so bringing new safety technologies onto the field will be integral to football’s future. WATCH: Bionic skin that’s 3D printed could give robots a human touch More From …

May 28, 2017