A writers’ strike may delay the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’

April 27, 2017

… a finished feature is still likely to get to the screen on time. On Monday, members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) which represents television and film scribes voted to authorize a strike if the guild is unable to reach a new agreement with the Alliance of Motion picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), the organization that represents the TV networks and movie studios that produce all that sweet, sweet TV and movie content. The current contracts between the WGA and AMPTP expire on May …


Yes, you really can turn up the volume on colour

April 22, 2017

… no matter where your sitting on the couch you and your friends will have the best viewing angle without any compromise to the picture quality or any distortion. Samsung has designed the TV for pure shared entertainment. To get big results in TV tech you have to think small Like, really small: Quantum Dot technology, which powers the QLED display, reproduces the purest and most accurate colours as individual nanoparticles. Each nanoparticle is smaller than one ten-thousandth the diameter of a …


Malala Yousafzai’s mother: Out of the shadows – BBC News

April 18, 2017

A higher profile Very few readers will recognise Toor Pekai from her picture. Whenever Malala attends a high-profile function to promote her cause, she is invariably accompanied by her father Ziauddin, who has often been interviewed about his daughter’s many successes. Meanwhile, Malala’s mother has played her own low-profile, but important, role at home with the rest of the family in Birmingham. Toor Pekai explains: “When Malala was being treated in hospital we were very …


Deported to Mexico: Who is the US kicking out?

April 18, 2017

Mexico City (CNN)Maria Perez hasn’t seen her grandson since he was a little boy. On her cell phone she keeps a video of that day. It shows 8-year-old Eduardo Hernandez hugging her goodbye. Now Hernandez is 21 and walking through the frosted glass doors at Mexico City’s international airport. …


How ‘Fixer Upper’ star Joanna Gaines is keeping up with Kim Kardashian

April 17, 2017

… behind the counter at his shop,” Chip told PopSugar. “I knew I’d marry her one day just by the picture on the wall.” Like Gaines, West pursued his relationship for some time before successfully wooing his raven-haired beauty. Chip consistently invested in unnecessary automobile maintenance hoping to make an impression and Yeezy finally got a cell phone to persuade Kim to ditch Kris Humphries. Ah, love. The first time Chip declared his love for Joanna, she responded …


Els on the Masters: ‘This Tournament Was Just Not for Me’

April 11, 2017

… Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, to play the Masters again. But he won't lose sleep if it doesn't, happy with a career featuring several major highs to blunt the lows like this week. "If I get back, great," Els said. "It's obviously not totally out of the picture. But if it is, it is." ___ More AP golf: apnews.com/tag/apf-Golf More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsWP TweetMachine v2 – Developers License 5 Clients Email Jeet 2 PRO Annual Email …


Katy Perry Googling hot pictures of herself to feel better is weirdly relatable

April 7, 2017

Sometimes all it takes is one really good, hot Instagram picture to remind you that you’re not as gross as you think you are. And no one knows this better than Katy Perry. The “Chained to the Rhythm” singer posted a super hot photo of herself on Instagram, which is not unusual for a super hot celebrity to do. But the caption is what really sets this photo apart from the rest. was feeling insecure about my last two posts so A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on Apr …


Dubai: Insider Travel Guide

March 29, 2017

… restaurant, which is hidden in a back street in the Jumeriah district. Look for the neon-mustached Mona Lisa sign on the outside. Inside is a creative medley of kitsch memorabilia — walls covered higgledy-piggledy with picture frames and a pin board filled with Polaroid snaps. In the corners there are tongue-in-cheek pictures of naked Thai girls with their bits covered by humorous phrases. Tables are adorned with place mats made of recycled magazine pages. Typical Thai dishes come with …


‘Feud’ star Jackie Hoffman on being a character actor: ‘Aging isnt as frightening for us as it is for the pretty people’

March 27, 2017

… take a picture, I remember from reading this in her book: Always look up and to the right. So I am a student of Joans. Mamacita is not wholly a broad comic caricature, but theres something inherently funny when we meet her, just in juxtaposition to Joan Crawford. Right. I think she provides a relief from the intensity of those two dames. It must have been fun to figure out the rapport with Jessica Lange, and get how they were going to coexist and be codependent together. Yes, as Jessica got more …


Looking back on the political gambles of May and Sturgeon – BBC News

March 19, 2017

The phrase she was keenest to use “now is not the time” – but significantly she didn’t say “never”. So if not now, when? Has she accepted that there will be an independence referendum sometime after Brexit? Both sides say they want the Brexit picture to clear up, so they can offer voters an “informed choice”. The divide is over when they believe this will happen. Ms Sturgeon believes the substantive shape of the Brexit deal should be set in …


Chrissy Teigen Reveals How She Really Feels About Being A Working Mom

March 8, 2017

… note that she is far, far from perfect. In fact, she’s more than happy to add thatnone of us are perfect. Instagram / Chrissy Teigen She might have a picture-perfect life on social media, but she does everything she can to remindfans that she’s just the same as all of them. She and her husband struggled for years with infertility issues before finally conceiving Luna via IVF. Chrissy is happy to acknowledge that motherhood is beautiful, but it’s no walk in …


‘Strong is the New Pretty’ celebrates girls — and the inner-child in us all

March 6, 2017

… trip back to an innocence we may have forgotten we had. It’s a picture book filled with captivating portraits of girls who aren’t afraid to look straight into the camera’s lens … because they don’t fear you’ll see something imperfect. Eleven-year-old Nour sits beaming with her prosthetic leg and proclaims, “Who likes perfect anyway? Perfect is boring.” As Haley, age 10, surfaces from a swim, she stares at us with aquamarine eyes and an infectious …


Meryl Streep Almost Got ‘Rumbled’ By The Rock During Academy AwardsMix-Up

March 2, 2017

… rogue and was trying to sabotage our final moment of the night as La La Land was accepting for Best picture. Seconds before this I saw out of the corner of my eye, the producer saying loudly, "NO IT'S MOONLIGHT, the winner is MOONLIGHT!" as he walked up onto the stage. When he walked on stage, I remember sitting up and saying to @laurenhashianofficial, "What the f*cks he doing?". She grabbed my arm and said, "Oh my God, they made a mistake". The rest was history. In …


Elon Musk Is Sticking With Trump For SpaceX Contracts

March 1, 2017

… industry observer noted, it makes SolarCity look like SpaceXs own private investment platform. With this bleak financial picture serving as a backdrop to current events, it is no wonder Musk is doing what he is. He has no choice but to stand by Trump. After all, Musk would be loath to end his connection to the president as long as the government continues to pour money into his historically unprofitable businesses. Related… Elon Musk Is Betraying Progressives For Profit Elon Musk …


Old-Guard Archivists Keep Federal Data Safer Than You Think

February 20, 2017

… get from government scientists and with an eye toward the moves inside the White House and on Capitol Hill. Worthy, sure, but long before Trump entered the political picture, open government and open data evangelists had been preserving all kinds of data collected and stored by the government, from crime statistics to unemployment rates to trade deficits. …


Google and Bing to demote pirate sites in UK web searches – BBC News

February 20, 2017

… at the top of the search engines are the genuine ones. It is about protecting people who use the internet, but also protecting the creators of that material too.” Stan McCoy, of the Motion picture Association in Europe, welcomed the code of practice, saying pirated websites are currently too easy to find via search engines. Geoff Taylor, chief executive of music industry body the BPI said: “Successful and dynamic online innovation requires an ecosystem that works for everyone, users, …


Playing Jason Voorhees: Three Actors Who Played The Villain Discuss The Fraternity Of Friday The 13th

February 19, 2017

… Motion picture Association of America rating board scissored it to shreds – yanked out his still beating, blood spraying heart. Then there was the shot where he had to bust open an RV door. The prop people merely unhooked the hinges, then Graham stepped up on a couple of crates andliterally sent it sailing off the frame with one punch. Graham said he was treated very well during the filming of Jason Lives – indeed, he was one of the few cast and crew members to have his own trailer …


London Dungeon is being dragged for sexist Valentine’s campaign

February 16, 2017

… picture reading: “Wow, you should really wear makeup more often”. The fat-shaming ones read: People reacted in the comments saying the campaign is “utter misogyny” and a “shameful apology of the violence against women”: Others pointed to the fact that the London Dungeon is a very popular family attraction and school trips “are a big part of the revenue” : The attraction was also criticised on Twitter. Missed …


Laboring Mom Is Pushing Hard, Then Friend Whispers Get Your Camera Ready

February 14, 2017

… of growing a child inside yourself is a beautiful process, wanted to capture the incredible moment her son came into the world. Documenting the experience herself would allow Lauren to look back at the photos and remember how it felt to give birth from her own perspective as the mother. Lauren Chenault The resulting photographs are stunning. Lauren was able to snap a picture of her son taking his first breaths and beginning to cry. After her son was cleaned up, Lauren also photographed him …


Trump Seems To Think Angry Protesters Are ‘Enthusiastic Supporters’

… a reporter from local ABC station WPBF. A news report from local Fox station WSNV described a scene in one location as having dozens of protesters and a handful of supporters. Palm Beach Post reporters also tweeted images from the scene: One protester carried an upside-down flag, while someone behind him carried a picture of a flag with the legend PRO-AMERICAN, ANTI-TRUMP and Donald Show Us Your Taxes: There were, however, also some supporters nearby. Pipeline protesters even took a …

February 13, 2017

Grab your sh*t, we have to go help get Martha Stewart’s truck out of the snow

February 11, 2017

Image: mashable composite, Christopher Polk/getty images; twitter/ @marthastewart Grab a shovel and your winter trekking gear, we’re organizing a posse to save Martha Stewart. We aren’t sure where she is, but Stewart tweeted a picture of herself stuck in the snow in a plow truck. So grab your stuff. Pack light, we leave in five. SEE ALSO: East Coast blizzard got you down? Cute animals in the snow are here to help. Plowing the four miles of roads on my farm I get stuck …


Here come the Trump conspiracy theories

February 3, 2017

… countless celebrities. You probably saw that picture of a downed Statue of Liberty from The Day After Tomorrow in your Facebook feed more than once. Another comes to a similar conclusion, but in less brazen terms. The coup post, seen by 5 million people according to its author, was the most popular story on Medium Tuesday with more than 10,000 likes. The other was the second most popular with more than 6,000 likes. On social media, the stories were reposted all over progressive, anti-Trump pages …