Justin Bieber’s Instagram finally reflects how bizarre it is to be Justin Bieber

June 11, 2017

… teen heartthrob to adult is never easy, and Bieber’s had more bumps on the road than some. A string of arrests crowded his record and, occasionally, Bieber’s aggression turned towards the Beliebers themselves. Colorful incidents of bad behavior, like egging his neighbor’s multi-million dollar mansion, and peeing in a bucket at nightclub, were hard to shake off. Bieber’s music was better than ever, though. Collaborating with Skrillex and Diplo’s jack earned him a …


It’s time to get serious about editing tweets

June 4, 2017

… that I butchered the thing. Before deleting his post, Trump notably chose a similar path and, perhaps for the first time in recorded history, made fun of himself. That was a bad Twitter day for me. I had, I think, two more stupid errors. Sometimes, though, the Tweet error is not really an error at all. Its a realization that I left something out: maybe I didnt tag someone, forgot to add an image card or missed a crucial hashtag. I just want to fix it. When I rail at Twitter and its CEO jack …


USA 1967: When American soccer’s Summer of Love ended in tears – BBC News

Their positive reaction to the football – a sport most viewers actually knew little about – prompted a group of US businessmen to get together to draw up plans to establish a professional football, or soccer, league in the country. Image copyright Keystone/Getty Images Image caption The Beatles led the so-called British Invasion of the US in the 1960s Back then Mr Rothenberg was a lawyer for sports entrepreneur jack Kent Cooke, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball …

May 27, 2017

Alec Baldwin: People Love Me Because of Trump

… them would tank their health because the stress of it made them into smoking and drinking and drugging furnaces. They just became these insane maniacs chasing the glory of this admittedly very rare position: movie stardom at the highest level. Who doesnt want to be (jack) Nicholson in terms of your creative output? Who doesnt want to be somebody who, the force of your performance alonenot camera work and spaceships and girls busting out of some outfit, you know, sexbut the force of your acting, …

May 15, 2017