How to get a job at: Getty Images

June 23, 2017

… from hardship. If youre in a rut at work, pick yourself up, dust off your resume, practice interviewing, and get yourself out there there are always opportunities, but sometimes you may have to look hard for them. The Takeaway: Explore and be resilient. If youve always dreamed of capturing and sharing powerful imagery with Getty Images, remember that creativity comes in all forms. Perspective, critical thinking and problem solving can help you thrive in any field from photography to …


Forget the IPO, the ICO is the cool new way to get funded

June 20, 2017

… might be in vain. There is a whole lot of /r/bitcoin style “this is good news” ITT… imo yes, it is a huge issue! Vlad Zamfir (@VladZamfir) June 13, 2017 There are also various tricks big players can employ to buy tokens before others; some companies are undertaking measures to make the playing field more even, with mixed success. Finally, ICOs aren’t regulated. A company that sets out to do an ICO will post some rules on a website, and …


Facebook and Google are taking unprecedented steps to crack down on bad ads

June 19, 2017

… remained wary of the search giant’s goodwill. It could have big consequences. AdBlock Plus, the world’s most popular ad blocker, claims to boast around 100 million active users; Chrome has well over a billion on both mobile and desktop (of course there’s overlap). Wieser, however, downplays how much impact it will ultimately have on publishers. It may drive prices for higher quality ads up, he says, but media companies will ultimately be competing on the same playing field. …


Congressional baseball players: We must unite

June 15, 2017

… the partisan language that has come to occupy our political dialogue and get back to the issues at hand. While Wednesday gave us all a pause, on Thursday we get back to work both on the House Floor — and on the baseball field. Tim Ryan is the US representative for Ohio’s 13th District. He plays shortstop for the Democratic congressional baseball team. Kevin Yoder and Emanuel Cleaver: We will remain unified in Thursday’s baseball game and in Friday’s debates …


The Saudi Prince, the Sheikh and a Gulf Renegade

June 9, 2017

… share MBS's vision, he said. Failure in Yemen could also “undermine MBS's position in Saudi Arabia,” he said. Younger Emir In shutting off Qatar, they're punishing a country that just didn't play ball. Its independent wealth from a gas field the country shares with Iran enabled it to develop foreign policies that diverged from its neighbors. It financed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in the Gaza Strip and armed factions opposed by the Emiratis …


Hey Corporate America, Please Sponsor This Column!

June 5, 2017

… apparently recoiling from the specter of commercialization. But given the way sponsorship has metastasized across the sports universe, the seems like a case of straining at a gnat after having swallowed whole caravans of camels. NBA teams play in the Quicken Loans Arena, American Airlines Arena, the Air Canada Centre, the Bankers Life fieldhouse. Major league baseball is played in Minute Maid Park, Citi field, Tropicana field, Globe Life Park. Virtually every college bowl game comes with a …


A startup of totally not vampires is selling teenagers’ blood to the rich so that they might live forever

June 2, 2017

… from, yes, a blood boy (in an episode called, yes, “The Blood Boy”). Image: hbo In subsuming the blood of the (likely) innocent, those aging customers are banking on a little-studied field of science known as parabiosis. Parabiosis, which has been looked at mainly in mice (plus a few human trials), explores the possibility that young blood can reverse the symptoms of aging when transfused to the elderly. We reached out to Ambrosia LLC in an effort to determine if Karmazin …


These new 3D scan fit helmets could make football safer

… stayed in place. Later in my career, as the extent of the danger that comes with head injuries and concussions came to light, I was specially fitted for each helmet I wore but managing that fit throughout the season was largely left to me. The status of my helmet was always a major concern for me, but it quickly took a backseat to my focus on the field during games. I often found myself playing with a less-than-ideal fit, which might have contributed to my own experiences with concussions. …

May 28, 2017

Castlemorton Common: The rave that changed the law – BBC News

… “Every time I went out there were people in the field toileting – every time you looked out there were men with their trousers down,” she said. Image caption The encampment stretched up the hill from the farm near her house The ravers drifted off once the weekend was over but the travellers remained at Castlemorton until the Friday, partly to try and clear up, Mrs Spagg claims. “I think a lot of people were depressed about the mess and the waste, that’s why …

May 28, 2017

Little Soccer Player Gets Hit in Face With Ball

This adorable little soccer player stood on the field ecstatic?during his first game. Unfortunately, he was standing in the wrong spot when a soccer ball flew and smacked him right in the face.? More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsCovert Store Content PostGopher – Rapid Mailer Special Rapid Mailer is the Ultimate Self-Managed Autoresponder Platform to Maximize Your Email Marketing and is the PERFECT Compliment to Post GopherSyndLab Lite Page 1 Rankings For BOTH Video and Niche …

May 25, 2017

Meet the YouTube star behind Overly Attached Girlfriend

… Screengrab via Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme Blog 3) But her first AMA was actually shut down Reddit has all sorts of fairly arbitrary rules that its moderators tend to enforce with an iron fist. One of those is that internet celebrities cant host AMAs, and when Morris attempted to field questions about the meme in the official Ask Me Anything subreddit, she was unceremoniously booted. Her second attempt at a Reddit Q&Athis time on the meme-loving subreddit r/AdviceAnimalswent off …

May 23, 2017

Bill Maher: The Indisputable Godfather of Political Late-Night

… good to harp on that because he is the president and you only get one at a time. It also is the hardest thing in the world to become the president of the United States. And everybody has to admit that. That he was able to blow through that field of 17 Republican candidates. A lot of the people in their field were seasoned politicians and the smart money was on them. And I listened to people come on my show for a full year. At first they said, yeah, you know, the polls, hes doing OK, but people …

May 21, 2017

Cold War-era nuclear tests actually changed the space environment around our planet

… radiation around Earth that can affect our environment. The tests were a human-generated and extreme example of some of the space weather effects frequently caused by the sun, Erickson said. The space weather effects mentioned by Erickson are usually caused by the sun when it emits a huge burst of solar plasma in Earth’s direction. Once that plasma reaches our planet, it impacts our magnetic field. Sometimes during solar storms, bits of charged particles manage to make it through the …

May 20, 2017

Apple will host big-name musicians and high-profile workshops to kick off new program

… of other special events. New York City elementary school students learn about coding on a class field trip to an Apple Store. Image: Andrew Burton/Getty Images Some of Apple’s more heavily trafficked locations will also feature big-name guests for music performances, lectures, and hands-on instruction. Soul singer Leon Bridges and free-form dancer Lil Buck (who recently appeared in an Apple commercial) will perform at Apple’s new flagship store in downtown San Francisco late on …

May 17, 2017

CNN 10 – May 15, 2017

… HILARIE CASH, FOUNDER, RESTART (via telephone): I’m still amazed at how many people do dismiss it as a silly idea — even plenty of people in my own field. SEGALL: For those who specialized in technology addictions, what goes on inside your head looked similarly to what goes on inside your head when you’re dealing with other addictions. CASH: The regions of the brain that light up when engaged in to your smartphone, those are the same regions of the brain that are engaged when …

May 16, 2017