Uber cofounder laments culture problems, fails to mention key problem

June 21, 2017

… “growing pains” in part due to its rapid growth. That may be true. Uber has rapidly grown to more than 13,000 employees. But he largely omits a whole lot of other truths: That Uber failed to build an adequate human resources department. That Uber’s management team let cases of sexual harassment go unaddressed. That Uber’s leadership themselves made incredibly poor decisions that included obtaining and reviewing a rape victim’s medical record and picking up women at …


Teen’s family recreates her mom’s special graduation photo

June 6, 2017

… “It seems to have inspired and touched a lot of people, which has been extremely flattering to my family and I! I never wanted their situation to define who I was, but it certainly has characterized a lot of decisions I’ve made in life.” Congrats, mom, dad, and Madeleine! WATCH: These female characters are as badass as Wonder Woman, even without superpowers More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsSmartVideo – Yearly Smart Video – YearlyMSGLeads Monthly Sync …


Election blind dates: John Whittingdale and Jess Phillips – BBC News

June 2, 2017

Jess Phillips Describe yourself: I am Jess Phillips and I was the Labour Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley – and now I’m the candidate in the election. I think people probably best know me as a women’s rights, equality activist with a big gob. I’m a difficult woman with a dirty laugh. Political background: My political ambition came about when I was working at Women’s Aid, watching how government decisions – both poor and good decisions – …


Bulletin bets that online shopping brands still want storefronts

… Many of the companys stocking and thematic decisions are also informed by what seems to be hot on social media and in the blogosphere. The decision-making process is not unlike that of your average lifestyle media property. Most of the brands only appear for months-long stints the minimum stay is eight weeks and rent is charged on a monthly basis after that. The idea is for the store to also situate brands in a way that makes for an opportunity greater than the sum of its parts. Brands sometimes …

May 19, 2017