Yes, pregnant women can do amazing things. Get over it.

April 28, 2017

… of all child-bearers everywhere. You shouldn’t have to worry that you’ll be seen as lazy or unprofessional if your body demands a break while you’re pregnant and you certainly shouldn’t have to worry about losing your job. SEE ALSO: Here’s a device that make dads feel pregnant. Hey, why are you running away? Come baaaack! Basically, what pregnant women want is what any woman any person wants: to be allowed to do what they’re capable of doing on any given …


How to use Undo Send in Gmail

April 23, 2017

"Oh no what did I just do."Image: JGI/Tom Grill/Getty There are no second chances in life, but there may be in email. While this is of little consolation to those wishing they could hit “undo” on semi-recent national events, Gmail’s Undo Send feature gives us all the break we so desperately need. SEE ALSO: Gmail finally doubles email attachment limit, but it means nothing Are you using it? You really should be. Email, after all, is deceptively hard. Reaching inbox …


Yes, you really can turn up the volume on colour

April 22, 2017

Image: Samsung Any gamer knows that reaction time is crucial. A split second can make or break a game, separating the winners from those doomed to be on potato chip and soda duty; you need to be 100 percent present at all times. Sharp, clear colours are like the secret weapons you never knew you needed until now. Samsung hosted an innovative event recently that helped gamers and entertainment junkies alike experience colours like never before. Held at collaborative co-working space meets art …


Coding Autism wants to diversify the tech industry with autistic talent

April 20, 2017

A new school called Coding Autism is coming to Los Angeles to help get autistic people into tech fields.Image: Coding Autism People on the autism spectrum are getting the support and skills they need to break into the tech industry. And it’s all thanks to a new program for autistic people, by autistic people. A new startup called Coding Autism, which launched earlier this month, is developing a school in Los Angeles to teach autistic people coding, web development, and software …


United booted an engaged couple headed to their wedding in Costa Rica

April 17, 2017

… hadn’t paid for and refused to return their assigned seats when asked. However it went down, it certainly doesn’t bode well for United’s image problem. SEE ALSO: There’s another United horror story, and it will break your heart A week after David Dao was violently dragged off an overbooked United flight out of Chicago, the negative stories keep flowing like complimentary wine. A passenger on a flight from Kauai to Los Angeles said he was threatened with handcuffs for …


There’s a new Chrome extension to help you boycott United Airlines

April 15, 2017

Image: Mashable composite: AP/Shutterstock United just can’t catch a break from its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad PR nightmare. In the past few weeks alone, United Airlines has found itself at the center of numerous controversial stories, the biggest being when it violently removed a passenger from an overbooked flight earlier this week. The incident ignited an outcry across the internet when video surfaced across social media. SEE ALSO: Celebrities are weighing in on the United …


Masters 2017: Sergio Garcia, Rickie Fowler in leading quartet

April 8, 2017

… it’s going to be fun,” Fowler told Sky Sports. American debutant William Girt, 37, bogeyed the last for a 73 to remain in the hunt at two under. The only other players to break par — at one under — were American Ryan Moore, exciting young Spaniard Jon Rahm, England’s 2013 US Open champion Justin Rose, and veteran Fred Couples. The 57-year-old Couples shot 70 to keep alive a dream of a second green jacket 25 years after his first. The laid-back American is …


Amazon won NFL Thursday Night Football rights, so what’s next for Twitter?

April 6, 2017

… hours of content all between September and December of 2016. Now, in the first three months of 2017, Twitter is reporting that the site is streaming more than 800 hours of content. Twitter declined to reveal its viewership numbers and break down its revenue, but we do know that outlets from publishers (like Bloomberg and Mashable), sports leagues (like Major League Baseball) and entertainment studios (like red carpets) are still interested in inking deals with Twitter. The NFL, while a pride and …


The ‘Big Little Lies’ killer isn’t who you’d expect, and that’s why it’s perfect

April 3, 2017

… marriage to help encourage other women to break out of destructive relationships. The show gave us an arguably more narratively satisfying (if less emotionally resonant) ending by allowing Bonnie, Celeste, Jane, Madeline and Renata to keep the secret together, bonding them and their kids more closely in the aftermath of Perry’s death. The detective (Merrin Dungey) investigating the case clearly suspected that they were lying, but without proof, the women got away with it and kept their …


Big brands are latching onto viral sensation April the giraffe

April 1, 2017

… its own film crew coming in and will no doubt break the internet when the end of the longest pregnancy is caught on camera. Postpartum potential Once the calf is born, a new batch of business opportunities come into play. Already media networks are vying to be the official group to release the calf’s name, Donnelly said. A name contest will be held and “one lucky network” will be the official sponsor of the moment it’s announced. Already the zoo is receiving hundreds of …


Foursquare, a SXSW darling, brought the most fun to SXSW 2017

March 27, 2017

… SoulCycle. In 2016, I legit “Turned Up On A Tuesday” with ILoveMakonnen. This year, Spotify didn’t have their official House. But, Foursquare, the app that gained fame in SXSW 2009, was there to provide me with a break from all the action and it was there that I was reminded the beauty of conferences like SXSW. LOLO also performed during the first ride and then joined on her own bike. Image: Sydney Torabi from Spinsyddy “I came to South By for the first time last …


Hide under a blanket and read children’s books reimagined for Trump’s America

March 23, 2017

Curl up for reading time, America. (Hide under a blanket if you need to.) Teaching kids the ABCs of politics and current events without terrifying them is a challenge. So we’ve made it easier with a series of children’s books reimagined for Donald Trump’s presidency. Image: bob al-greene/mashable Image: BOB AL-GREENE/MASHABLE In the coming weeks, we’ll roll out the full text for each book because we could all use a break from reading the news. Image: BOB …


Looking back on the political gambles of May and Sturgeon – BBC News

March 19, 2017

… “maybe we should have a referendum on whether or not we have a referendum”. Is there a way that could happen? In a way it could, if the SNP were to sink their own government and push for a snap election on a very specific platform of holding a new referendum swiftly afterwards. That would seem a rather unlikely scenario, for many of the reasons outlined above – there is no way Ms Sturgeon could be sure she would win such a vote. If indyref2 has the air of a make or break moment …


Ed Sheeran interview: 12 random questions about (Divide) – BBC News

March 16, 2017

… actually.” Track seven: Happier What’s currently making you happy? Or sad, for that matter. I’ll tell you what’s making me happy-sad: my cats. They’ve got flu, but they’re just really cute. When they sneeze, that’s a happy-sadness. It’s like “Aah,” but also “Ugh.” Track eight: Hearts Don’t break Around Here What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had? I put my foot in a boiling pool of water when I …


Watergate Fast Facts

March 5, 2017

… stating that the FBI believes the Watergate break in was done by aides to President Nixon. November 7, 1972 – President Richard Nixon is elected to a second term in office, defeating Democratic candidate George McGovern. …


SXSW Criticized Over Deportation Warning To Foreign Musicians

March 3, 2017

South by Southwest organizers rushed to explain a portion of their contract that warns immigration authorities may be notified if foreign musicians break festival rules. The section says organizers reserve the right to notify the appropriate U.S. immigration authorities if showcasing acts or their representatives have acted in ways that adversely affect the viability of the festival. We understand that given the current political climate surrounding immigration, the language that was …


Hidden Camera Catches A Rescue Kitten Wreaking Havoc On A Tiny House, Then 3 More Cats Appear

February 24, 2017

… kitties go about their day within their kitten-sized house. Igna hopes that watching them play, nap, snack, and groom each other will be a nice break from all the worries of the world today, while also advocating for the adoption of animals that need a home. These four kittens will soon be adopted, and another litter will be brought in for another season of Keeping Up with the Kattarshians.Hopefully, folks will keep on watching and wondering what they can do to help all the kittens that might …


Rep. Jordan confronts protesters but finds no common ground

February 21, 2017

Fremont, Ohio (CNN)Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan acknowledged protesters outside two events in his home district Monday — a break with many other Capitol Hill colleagues who have largely avoided such scenes — but was met with shouts of disapproval. The Ohio Republican, a 10-year veteran of the House and one of its most ardent conservatives, spoke with what his staff and protesters estimated were upward of 150 demonstrators in Marion, Ohio, at the historic home of former …


The internet can’t stop roasting that garbage fire of a Britney Spears biopic

February 20, 2017

… Even celebrities are not immune. the only character in #BritneyEverAfter that was cast well was banana Tyler Oakley (@tyleroakley) February 19, 2017 Who could forget that historic post-break up dance off between Britney and Justin in the club that ~fateful~ night? When you order something online vs when it arrives #BritneyEverAfter Duke (@dukespearzz) February 19, 2017 THEY DIDN’T EVEN GET THESE OUTFITS RIGHT. I’M PISSED. THESE ARE ICONIC. …


You can now ‘sponsor’ Olympians on GoFundMe with new Special Olympics partnership

February 17, 2017

… she told athletes in her famous opening speech at the 1987 World Summer Games. “The right to play on any playing field, you have earned it,” she said. “The right to study in any school, you have earned it. The right to hold a job, you have earned it. The right to be anyone’s neighbor, you have earned it.” You can find all of the 2017 Special Olympics GoFundMe campaigns here. BONUS: The fiercest athletes break stereotypes at Rio Paralympics …


Tom Hanks Shares The Simple Secret To His 29-Year Marriage With Rita Wilson

February 17, 2017

If you follow celebrity news, you know that celebrities go in and out of relationships all the time. It seems like every day there’s a new high-poweredcouple, a secret celebrity wedding, or an overly-dramatized divorce. Celebrities seem to break up, get divorces, and find new relationships like it’s no big deal. With 72-day marriages, cheating scandals, and divorces all over the place, sometimes it seems like the sanctity of marriage is lost on celebrities. One couple thathas …


New site offers simple ways to host a Valentine’s Day dinner for refugees

February 15, 2017

… cultural dialogue. SEE ALSO: This app connects refugees to volunteer translators via Facebook Messenger “Refugees Welcome is an effort to bring folks from refugee and non-refugee backgrounds around a table to break bread and break barriers,” the site reads. The goal is to use food as a way to share experiences and build community. Image: REFUGEESWELCOMETODINNER.COM If you’re interested in hosting a dinner, the toolkit offers a checklist of things to do, from keeping a …


10 Surprising Things You Never Knew About The Late Patrick Swayze

February 15, 2017

… the coach to let his son have a fair fight with each one of them, one on one. The coach agreed (remember, these were different times). Patrick and the bullies met in the weight shack and had it out, this time in a fair fight. Patrick beat all five of them, fair and square, and word got around that he was the toughest guy in the school. 4. He Took A break From Show Business To Breed Horses Wikimedia Commons / Ealdgyth In the 1990s, Patrick needed a break from the life that show business …