United Airlines CEO will testify on Capitol Hill

April 30, 2017

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz.Image: rick kern/Getty Images for United Airlines After his company dragged a man off an airplane, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz lost out on a seat as chairman of United’s board. Now, he has to go to Congress. Munoz will testify in front of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday, the committee announced Friday. Munoz will have to answer questions about the incident, which left doctor David Dao bloodied and battered, in a hearing …


Yes, pregnant women can do amazing things. Get over it.

April 28, 2017

… was eight-weeks pregnant while winning the Australian Open in January. The reactions to this news have largely been breathlessly amazed. Gal Gadot has been heralded as a literal Wonder Woman and was also called a “Friggin’ Superhero.” And Twitter erupted into a frenzy after learning that Serena had a baby on board for her latest victory. SEE ALSO: TIME is getting dragged for this weird tweet about Amal Clooney’s baby bump during her speech on ISIS Of course there have …


Inside the stealthy club for entrepreneurs who want to change the world

April 26, 2017

Guests board a helicopter bound for the Rockefeller Estate as part of the Kairos Society's global summit on April 20, 2017 in New York City.Image: Noam Galai/Getty Images for Kairos Society Im at a New York City heliport in a waiting room so packed with people that the obviously overwhelmed staff are struggling to move through the crowd to check everyone in. While the staff of Blade, the “Uber for helicopters” company, is used to a well-heeled crowd, the current group may be a …


Reporter’s notebook: A dramatic moment aboard Air Force 2 while headed to South Korea

April 17, 2017

… capability. Pence was notified right away about the test, that it failed after four or five seconds, and, most importantly, it was not believed to be a nuclear test or an ICBM. A White House foreign policy adviser on board immediately tried to downplay the significance, making clear it wasn’t a matter of if, but when, the North Koreans would try to flex their military might again. Still, it was a reminder that we were 30,000 feet in the air heading toward a Korean Peninsula that is even …


United booted an engaged couple headed to their wedding in Costa Rica

April 17, 2017

… airline said it changed a company policy and will no longer allow crew members to displace customers who are already aboard the plane. But United is hardly done putting out PR fires. Enter Amber Maxwell and Michael Hohl of Park City, Utah. On Saturday, the couple had flown from Salt Lake City to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, where they boarded a connecting flight to Liberia, Costa Rica. The bride and groom said they were the last to board the plane, which was half-full. As …


Bill Nye’s new show is like ‘Science Guy’ for ‘grown up’ millennials

April 15, 2017

… kids are using.” Cue the millennial nostalgia. SEE ALSO: A Bill Nye science talk show is coming to Netflix Bill! Bill! Bill! Nye said he’d always wanted to have another show. The trouble was finding people who “for lack of a better phrase, get it,” he said in a recent interview with Mashable. Once Naidus was on board, he said everything else also fell into place, including a “network” for the show to call its home. Netflix, a streaming giant, has long …


Atlanta Braves begin new ballpark chapter at SunTrust Park

April 15, 2017

… video board. Look at the LED lights, the incredible green grass, this incredibly orange clay. They watch how balls fly out of here and they see the skyline and everything, and they say, ‘Wow.’ I said it. Everybody else is going to say it. …This is very impressive.” Behind Atlanta’s new baseball stadium A sold-out crowd of 41,149 attended the Braves’ first regular-season game at SunTrust Park, a 5-2 winagainst the San Diego Padres. But …


Dubai: Insider Travel Guide

March 29, 2017

… restaurant, which is hidden in a back street in the Jumeriah district. Look for the neon-mustached Mona Lisa sign on the outside. Inside is a creative medley of kitsch memorabilia — walls covered higgledy-piggledy with picture frames and a pin board filled with Polaroid snaps. In the corners there are tongue-in-cheek pictures of naked Thai girls with their bits covered by humorous phrases. Tables are adorned with place mats made of recycled magazine pages. Typical Thai dishes come with …


How to fight back against the excessive Photoshop that’s bad for body image

March 28, 2017

… follow a code of ethics for altering images? She put together a board, a website, social media accounts and strategy sessions to suss out a pledge and all the while, in the background, new complaints about excessive photoshopping kept exploding on social media. SEE ALSO: Hey, trolls: Woman will wear a bikini if she wants, thank you It seemed as if the time was ripe for change. But a big hurdle remained. “We heard a lot of folks in retouching and styling saying this is never gonna work. …


‘Feud’ star Jackie Hoffman on being a character actor: ‘Aging isnt as frightening for us as it is for the pretty people’

March 27, 2017

… writing on the show, and the wardrobe is genius, the wig was genius, the writings great, and that all helped a lot. What do you think her function in the story of Feud is, ultimately? She kind of plays a husband/friend/sounding board for Joan. Shes probably the only person that Joan really is herself with, and really tells the truth to. So we learn a lot about who Joan really is through Mamacita, I think. Theres a couple of episodes where shes wasted and says that Im the mother she never had, …


Ex-spies weigh in on Russian hacking allegations

March 24, 2017

(CNN)President Donald Trump’s campaign and its alleged ties to Russia has been a big part of the political conversation this week. Russia’s interest in the United States is not new. During the Cold War, Russian agents were planted on US soil to spy on the country, and many of them were caught by the FBI. CNN spoke to KGB and FBI agents about the Russia hacking allegations and how espionage has changed over the years. Jack Barsky …


Australian daily criticized for comparing cricketer with Trump

March 23, 2017

… no one not even the ICC [International Cricket Council] or his own board holding him accountable for his continual perpetuation of fake news… Just like President Trump, Kohli decided to blame the media as a means of trying to hide the egg smeared right across his face.” “Special players are allowed to have bad series, but Kohlis great crime is hes proven that the spirit of cricket is officially dead,” it added. The trigger Both teams have played three tests so far. And …


11 Simple Things You Can Donate To A Nursing Home To Help Spread Smiles

March 21, 2017

… their minds sharp, and the larger font will help make sure everyone has the ability to enjoy them. 5. Magazine Subscriptions Flickr / Michele Ursino These have a similar benefit tobooks, but having it be a subscription gives them something to look forward to every now and then, too! 6. Puzzles And board Games Flickr / emi moriya No one likes living in stale air, after all, and you can even find something with essential oils to disinfect any germs flying around the …


Why sports betting is starting to look a lot more like Wall Street

March 20, 2017

South Dakota State Jackrabbits take on the Gonzaga Bulldogs, because college basketball is the best.Image: Getty Images Your March Madness office pool is like the Charles Schwab of sports betting. Beyond those hastily chosen brackets, theres an entire cottage industry of sports betting thats increasingly resembling Wall Street. In 2016, total sports wagers in Nevada were $4.5 billion, according to the Nevada Gaming Control board. With that much at stake, gamblers are turning to more …


Looking back on the political gambles of May and Sturgeon – BBC News

March 19, 2017

… should be glad. The opposition have ganged up on them several times this term already – should they have to bow to “the will of parliament” all the time, they would have had to repeal the football act, ban fracking, give Highlands and Islands its own board and accept that they are “failing teachers, parents and pupils”. Party politics There are still some party-political elements amid this grand constitutional row. In particular, it has cast the SNP and the …


This guy crossed the Atlantic ocean without a boat or plane

March 11, 2017

… more harrowing stories was the time he faced giant squids and whales in the midst of a storm in the Canary Islands. With 20-foot waves raging around him, the animals before him threatened to topple over his giant board. “I was getting pulled down through waves by a creature,” he said. “It was like something out of some science fiction film.” Bertish is also known for his big-wave surfing, riding waves over 20 feet high. Image: courtesy of chris bertish via facebook …


Congressman: ‘I regret’ using a derogatory term while comparing town halls to Maoist China

March 3, 2017

Washington (CNN)Rep. Mike Bost said Thursday he regretted invoking a racially insensitive term and reference to explain why he would not hold in-person town hall events. The Illinois Republican’s comments were reported by The Southern Illinoisan, whose editorial board met with him last week. They discussed his lack of in-person town hall events, and he said such events would be an unproductive use of his time and used the derogatory term “Orientals” in the process. “The …


The Movement Resisting Donald Trump Has A Name: The (Local) Democratic Party

February 22, 2017

… Democrats in Washington oppose Trump across the board or look for ways to work with him? More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsInstamate White Label 20 Accounts Key 2017 Remember, Instamate is the first and ONLY tool in the world to: 1. Post and schedule updates to MULTIPLE Instagram accounts from our web software 2. Find the most viral imagery from Instagram, FB and google to be instantly repurposed, edited and posted to YVideo Magic Web Based Player Set Your Videos In …


Old-Guard Archivists Keep Federal Data Safer Than You Think

February 20, 2017

At least twice a day, the data recorder on board NASAs Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter beams images to a station in White Sands, New Mexico. That data gets copied to the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, and then copied again to computers at Arizona State University in Tempe. Two other copies go to an off-campus building where they live on different access-controlled computer systems. Mark Robinson, the researcher running the team that operates the LROs cameras, analyzes that data. Every …


Playing Jason Voorhees: Three Actors Who Played The Villain Discuss The Fraternity Of Friday The 13th

February 19, 2017

… Jason.” Apparently, Dash’s menacing disposition made a big impact on the film’s leading lady. “Amy Steel wouldn’t talk to me for the whole shoot,” he said. “The first time I talked to [her] was 25 years later.” By the time Graham came on board, Jason Voorhees was already one of Hollywood’s most famous (and feared) villains. Considering the opening sequence of Friday the 13th Part 6 pays homage to a certain Universal Monsters masterpiece, …


CNN 10 – February 8, 2017

February 8, 2017

… I’m one the board with her, right? LAKE: Some say the experience just doesn’t live up to the hype. RACHEL METZ, MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: For a good experience, it’s still pretty expensive, might not be all that comfortable to wear this thing. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like great if you’re a person who tends to get motion sickness. MARK ZUCKERBERG, FACEBOOK FOUNDER: First live demo in VR. LAKE: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who recently hired a new head of his …