Don’t look back in anger: Music helps Manchester remember, and forget – BBC News

… he said to them: “I just want to say how incredibly proud I was to be Mancunian this week. “Hearts were broken on Monday. And what I’ve seen of this city and you lot will stay with me for the rest of my life.” He recalled a woman who sang Oasis’s Don’t Look Back In anger after the one-minute’s silence in St Ann’s Square on Thursday, with the rest of those present gradually joining in. Inspired by that woman, Fray played the song that has now become …

May 28, 2017

Your Weekend Horoscopes May 19-21: Black Out All Weekend & Blame It On Your Sign

… sport *shakes fist* Oh sorry, was that just me? K. Well while the stars can’t predict how public transportation will decide to purposefully ruin your life, they predict when you should take a vacation, how to deal with people who annoy you (non-MTA workers), that sort of thing. So read on for your weekend horoscopes while I pop a Xanax and deal with my anger issues. Taurus Listen up, Taurus. Its time to make a change. You are so clearly unhappy in your current situation and it …

May 21, 2017

Alec Baldwin: People Love Me Because of Trump

… kind of anger that he has. I needed that psychological thing. I needed this little I needed to put a chip in me. And the chip iswhich Ive said, many timesis that hes constantly straining in conversation to think of a stronger word and he never comes up with it. Final note: The day after we met, Baldwin called to add to our conversation. This is what he said: Whenever I examine certain aspects of my life, I see that if things hadnt worked out as they did, if Id done another Hunt for Red October, …

May 15, 2017