‘I ignored my mum’s death, just like Prince Harry’ – BBC News

April 18, 2017

Image copyright Kathryn Watson Image caption Kathryn (right) struggled with anger after her mum, Heather (left), died from cancer “My mum was ill for about 18 months and it was really quite sudden. She went from being an outgoing person to simply not being there. Image copyright Kathryn Watson Image caption Kathryn says counselling helped her deal with the grief of losing her mum “What really spoke to me was Prince Harry talking about his anger. I felt that a lot. I …


Stop with the leggings shaming and let women dress how they want

March 29, 2017

Oh the horror … LEGGINGS.Image: Shutterstock / FXQuadro United Airlines’ recent leggings ban has done much more than anger the online world it’s sparked an important discussion about the ongoing struggle women face dress in regards to unfair dress codes. Though the great “should leggings be considered pants?” debate has been around for years, the controversy surrounding women’s dress codes was furiously reignited after Shannon Watts tweeted about two girls …


Ed Sheeran interview: 12 random questions about (Divide) – BBC News

March 16, 2017

… Image caption Planet Earth II: Essential viewing at Ed Sheeran’s House Track two: Castle On The Hill Now that you can afford to live in a castle, how do you make your songs relatable to fans? It doesn’t matter how relevant they are. My song Don’t isn’t very relevant to my fans. They aren’t going to “four cities on two planes on the same day”. But the truth of the song is the frustration and anger [of being cheated on]. Everyone can relate to that. …


CNN 10 – March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

… very historical moment on Korea. HANCOCKS: Just one street away, heartbreak and frustration. Passion which turned to anger on occasion, emotions running high as pro-Park supporters believed the allegations against the former president are politically motivated and justice was not served. (on camera): Why are you so angry that she’s been impeached? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They cannot OK processing her (ph) step by step in the law. HANCOCKS (voice-over): Injuries, arrests — (on camera): …


The President of the United States traffics in conspiracy theories

March 5, 2017

… of the United States as a central part of his discourse is extraordinarily dangerous. By doing so President Trump gives credence and legitimacy to these kinds of arguments which generate anger and distrust, as well as total misinformation — in this case making an unfounded accusation against a former president of the United States. Ironically, he is employing a main strategy of McCarthyism at the very time he is claiming to be a victim of those kinds of tactics. His focus on conspiracy …


Congressman: ‘I regret’ using a derogatory term while comparing town halls to Maoist China

March 3, 2017

… off tall buildings.” Since President Donald Trump has taken office, Republicans across the country have faced crowds at their town hall events filled with people expressing anger and concern. In response to the news, California Democratic Rep. Judy Chu, a Chinese-American, took to Twitter, saying, “‘Orientals’ perpetuates fear of #AAPIs as foreigners & certainly isn’t a good excuse to skip town halls.” Chu is the chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific …


The Super Bowl can’t escape politics any more

February 7, 2017

If you didn’t think Lady Gaga’s performance was political, you weren’t paying attention.Image: Dave Shopland/BPI/REX/Shutterstock These are turbulent times in America, and even the Super Bowl can’t escape the political drama. SEE ALSO: Some longtime Super Bowl advertisers will take part from the sidelines this year The historically and intentionally non-offensive event (Exhibit A: Super Bowl XXIII’s halftime show featuring the magician Elvis Presto) hit a …


Here come the Trump conspiracy theories

February 3, 2017

… orchestrated to cause chaos and anger. Looks like this is the left’s chance to blast out their own theories as the Trump administration’s true agenda starts to emerge. BONUS: Yes, Trump watched the Women’s Marches, and yes, he tweeted about it …