‘SNL’ just dragged out 10 years of sexual tension on ‘Morning Joe’

Its been one week on, a few weeks off for Saturday Night Live these past few months, so the writers have either been missing out on some choice pop culture moments, or a backload of current events to plumb for the show’s cold open depending how you look at it.

Fortunately, theres never a lack of political absurdity and, in this case, very public sexual tension to joke about.

In tonights cold open SNL finally tackled the incredibly uncomfortable quasi-relationship between Mika Brzezinski (Kate McKinnon) and Joe Scarborough (Alex Moffat) over the past 10 years on MSNBCs Morning Joe. And it was just about as awkward as in real life.

They petted. They IRL facetimed. They nose nibbled.

None of the Morning Joe regulars could make heads or tails of what they were seeing between the two hosts.

Of course, with the news this week of Brzezinski and Scarboroughs engagement (which SNL did not directly address), this act wasnt too far from reality. Still no less uncomfortable.

Getting down to business, Brzezinski and Scarborough did an exclusive phone interview with a White House insider, a media spokesman who sounded an awful lot like Alec Baldwins Donald Trump impression.

“John Miller,” aka Trump, touted the House passage of the GOPs revised Obamacare repeal bill, but shut up rather quickly when reminded that theres a-whole-nother chamber of Congress the bill must pass before it even comes close to becoming law.


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