Justin Bieber is now selling a variety of white T-shirts

Image: FABIO TEIXEIRA/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Justin Bieber understands the timeless demand for classic white tees, and how hard it is to find the perfect one.

He’s here to fill that hole in the marketplace with exactly what you need, because, well, what else is he supposed to do now that he’s not on tour?

The singer is partnering with Hanes and celebrity stylist Karla Welch to bring a variety of white t-shirts to the masses for an impressive cost of $30.

Nah, this is not a joke.

The collaboration came into fruition when Bieber approached Welch and asked for a white shirt albeit slightly longer than the normal. According to Vogue, Welch went to town with a bunch of Hanes shirts and resurfaced with exactly what Bieber needed. That spurred a realization that well, if Bieber wants it then others might as well.

Everybody needs it. Every culture and subculture has used the white T-shirt. Thats where the genius is,” Welch told Vogue.

“Where it all began. Inspired by the original t-shirt perfected for Justin as part of the Believe Tour wardrobe.”

Thanks to this collaboration, if you’ve got $30 bucks then you can get your hands on seven different types of white t-shirts: including cropped white t-shirts, sleeveless white t-shirts, or sleeveless cropped white t-shirts.

The shirts are available now and you can buy them from this special Hanes’ website.

Here’s to hoping next time, a stainless white t-shirt is apart of the collection.

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