Justin Bieber has some good sports tweets for you

A lover, not a sportsman
Image: Pratik Chorge/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Justin Bieber doesn’t know much about sports. He just knows about love and when stuff looks cool, and isn’t that enough?

Maybe not.

Now, Biebs has opened up about the suffering his fair-weather sports fandom has brought about in a series of very good tweets on the sensitive subject.

It all started when Bieber Instagrammed 26 times in a single hour last week. A selfie in a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey was among the tamer shots, so it’s easy to see why it took a few days for the controversy broil.

Commenters were not pleased to see Bieber’s allegiance with the team, which is currently playing for the Stanley Cup. “Shitsburgh,” they wrote, among other critical comments. What’s this good Canadian boy doing supporting flightless birds instead of the majestic Toronto Maple Leafs?

Bieber clarified his intentions on Twitter, explaining that all he’s doing is accepting love when it comes his way. He’ll weather the consequences, even it means the fate of being whack.

Sports are a mystery, you see.

As always with Bieber, it’s all love here.

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