20 Best Instagram Captions For Your Thirst Trap Photos

Summeris approaching, and that means youre going to be doing things like barbecuing, swimming and planning a few more outingswith your bestie.

The warmer weather is just another excuse to keep your Instagram photos on point and with that comes gorgeous, glamorous thirst trap photos.

What is a thirst trap? Im glad you asked.

A thirst trap is a social media photo that you know, well before the likes roll in, is peak sexy. Let us turn to Queen of the Thirst Trap, Amber Rose, for a spot-on demonstration.

This post may double as a Fashion Nova ad,but its a thirst trap above all else, kids. All hail Queen Amber.

Understand though, thirst trap doesnt have to exactly show off the goods, although you may do so if you like because: body autonomy. Your pouty selfies that all but whisper come hither, and any cocktail dresses you slip into for a summer gala qualify as well.

Wear all of your clothes or dont, but the point is to turn up the sexy, even when you plan to look like youre not trying to be sexy at all (i.e. gym pics, people).

That said, you plan to thirst trap the hell out of your exes and crushes this summer, right?


So Your Main Concern Is Coming Up With The Caption

You can always pull a Kylie Jennerand submit your thirstiest, trappiest pics with no caption or a tell-nothing emoji.

But if you prefer to abandon the faux coyness every once in a while, and be alittle more direct, then these are the perfect Instagram captions for you. Of course, these captions feature a fewmore of your favorite celebrities best thirst trap Instagram photos. You know, for more inspiration.

Enjoy And Take Notes:

1. J. Lo,

2. Unknown

3. Unknown

4. Rihanna, Sex With Me

5. Unknown

6. Beyonc

7. Amber Rose

8. Katy Perry, Swish, Swish

9. Audrey Hepburn

10. Becky. G.,

11. Warsan Shire

Drake, Views

13. Maya Angelou,

14. Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman

15. Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

16. Britney Spears

17. Shakespeare,

18. Unknown


20. Unknown

Got your caption plan down? Good.

Thirst trap it up this summer andkill everything.

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