11 Vintage Things That Anyone In Love With The Color Pink Has To Have

Everyone has a favorite color. Some colors just speak more powerfully and louder than others do for certain people. Some colors are cheery and upbeat, like a bright canary yellow. Others are intense and simultaneously deeply calming, like therich cobalt blue.

But for many, there is one color that seems to stand out among the rest, and that, of course, ispink.

Vintage items, specifically fromthe 1950s and ’60s, tend to appear in a dusty pink quite often, and it’s oh so lovely just take a look at thisvery pink Victorian house.

That special shade of powder pink, bubblegum pink, cotton candy pink whichever you prefer to call it really makes you feel something inside. It’s such a happy color, but you can also sink deep into it when you pick up on the gray tones underneath.

These 11 vintage pink items will make any pink-loving vintage collector’s mouth water. They’re all so lovely!

1. Enamel Teapot


The enamel might be wearing away, but this vintage pink teapot would be absolutely perfect to pour some rosebud tea, don’t you think?

2. Perfect Kitchen


Holy pink cannoli, can you imagine a full kitchen outfitted with this absolutely irresistible vintage cabinetry? I’d never use another room!

3. Whimsical Wagon


Honestly, is there any better color for a 1960s Volkswagen bus? I think not.

4. Egg Beater Beauty


Scrambled eggs would taste so much better if I knew they were beaten by this beauty.

5. Blush Sofa


Well, I might leave that pink kitchen if only I could then move to a living room containing this blush beauty of a couch.

6. Powdery Kitchen Canisters


I wish I could have these on my kitchen counter what a cheery and timeless little set!

7. Pink Iron


Imagine sipping that rosebud tea from pink teacups while sitting in these vintage pink patio chairs. Now that’s the life.

8. Pink Cadillac


Celebrities fell in love with this 1957 DeVille, and it’s quite possibly one of the most recognizable models. It is pure perfection in this shade of pink.

9. Hint-Of-Pink China


From the top, they almost look clear. But when you look from the side, this lovely vintage china set is just the perfect pink for any kitchen.

10. Cute Cookie Container


As if cookies weren’t already hard enough to resist, someone back in the dayhad to go and createthis cookie jar, making it impossible to say no.

11. Adorable Elephant


This little vintage guy would go perfectly on display no matter how old you are.

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