• Small free birds fly, Escobar sings Athenry – BBC News
  • Adidas Just Totally Embarrassed Itself With This Rookie Spelling Mistake
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Beat Out This Star To Top The List Of Highest Paid Athletes
  • Teen Athlete Gets Kicked In The Head, Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish
  • Record-breaking All Blacks side step clown affair

Small free birds fly, Escobar sings Athenry – BBC News

Media captionEscobar has been melting Irish hearts with his rendition of The Fields of Athenry A three-year-old parrot has nailed his colours firmly to the mast ahead of the Euro 2016 football tournament. Escobar – a Dublin-born Amazonian bird whose feathers are appropriately green and gold – has been melting hearts with his rendition of The Fields of Athenry. His owner, Kevin Lawlor, says Escobar “belts out” the Republic of…


Adidas Just Totally Embarrassed Itself With This Rookie Spelling Mistake

At the moment, most of the Western Hemisphere is gripped with Copa America fever. The world’s oldest continental soccer tournament is currently being played in 10 cities across the United States, and while there’s been plenty to cheer for since the tournament kicked off last Friday, we also have to talk about this monumental mistake on the part of sports apparel brand Adidas. According to the below tweet from a…


Cristiano Ronaldo Beat Out This Star To Top The List Of Highest Paid Athletes

The rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is probably the most fierce in all of soccer. Ronaldo and Messi, two goal-scoring machines, play for the top two teams in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively. Each season, these two fight for more team trophies and individual accolades than any other soccer stars on the planet. Anything you can do, I can do better, right? The latest battle between Ronaldo…


Teen Athlete Gets Kicked In The Head, Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish

Many kids in middle school and high school enjoy playing sports. It’s part of their daily curriculum, and may be even one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. Parents love seeing their kids bond with others their age and learn what proper sportsmanship is like. But with playing sports comes the risk of injury. High-contact sports like football are particularly dangerous because of the chances of getting gravely…


Tony Nominee Christopher Fitzgerald: The Anatomy of Broadways Biggest Scene-Stealer

Arriving on stage 55 minutes into the musical Waitress, Christopher Fitzgerald dances, clowns, and clogs the audience into stitches. Hes worked his entire life on those laughs.”> He steps out of the car, removes his Cabbage Patch head, and receives a phone call. Hed just been cast as Igor in the Broadway production of Young Frankenstein. Nearly a decade later, Fitzgerald is reliving the story in all its riotous glory,…


Fans from around the world bid final farewell to Muhammad Ali | Fox News

Louisville and the rest of the world said goodbye to The Greatest on Friday, showering affection on Muhammad Ali during a fist-pumping funeral procession through the streets of his hometown, followed by a star-studded memorial service where he was saluted as an outspoken breaker of racial barriers. An estimated 100,000 people holding signs and chanting, “Ali! Ali!” lined the streets as a hearse carrying his cherry-red casket made its way past his childhood…


France launches terror alert app ahead of Euro 2016 soccer tournament | Fox News

The French governments SAIP app will alert soccer fans to any safety tips and emergency information in French and English during Euro 2016. (Google Play) Traveling to Europe this weekend for Euro 2016 but worried about staying safe? Theres an app for that. This week, the French government released the SAIP app (Système dAlerte et dInformation des Populations or Alert System and Population Information) that provides real-time security alerts–making use of…


Get Ready to Watch Live NBA Games in Glorious VR

If you think watching sports on a VR headset has sucked so far, you’re right. That’s because most VR video is shot with a single-rig setup, bolting your virtual vantage point in place. So even if youre watching an NBA game from front-row seats few people can afford, it gets old quickly. Plus, theres often no commentary or visual cues to guide you. Traditional TV does a better job of…


UN human rights chief warns of war crimes in Aleppo

(CNN)The top UN human rights official called the siege and bombardment of eastern Aleppo “crimes of historic proportions” on Friday, and accused all parties of violating international humanitarian law in Syria. In a video speech to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said armed opposition groups are firing mortars into neighborhoods of western Aleppo, but “indiscriminate airstrikes across the eastern part of the city…


Energy Worlds Newest Supership Misses the Boat on LNG Pricing

Its longer than three soccer fields, heavier than two aircraft carriers and powerful enough to chill gas into liquid colder than the surface of Jupiter. And its maiden voyage couldnt have come at a worse time. The worlds first modern vessel for producing liquefied natural gas was ordered by Petroliam Nasional Bhd in 2012 when LNG traded for more than $15 per million British thermal units. It was launched last month,…


The Women of America Thank You, Donald

For anyone who doubts that sexism exists, this election gave us its supervillain.”> Its tough to find a silver lining in an election year thats better described as an ordeal than a process. But one exists: the fact that Donald Trump is, in one convenient package, a living demonstration that sexism is real and that women who complain about facing it arent just making stuff up. To women, this offers…


Justin Bieber asks screaming fans to take a chill pill for a second

The Purpose Tour has been a whimsical journey for Justin Bieber. He’s “disguised” himself with a fake mustache, enjoyed a wholesome game of soccer with some students, and now he’s ready for a few moments of silence. On Monday night, Twitter user @apurposebieb shared a clip of Justin pleading with his fans to stop shouting during his performance in Birmingham. SEE ALSO: Someone is selling Justin Bieber’s used milk glass…


Ronaldo Roasted By Internet After Posting Picture With New Lamborghini

 (AP) Rule No. 1 of the internet is that if there’s a way to make fun of you, it will be done. Cristiano Ronaldo‘s life is pretty awesome, there’s no denying that. He’s one of the world’s best soccer players, he makes a ridiculous amount of cash, he’s dashingly handsome, he dates supermodels, he has a heart of gold … you get the idea. Ronaldo is also very active on social…


Young Woman Who Survived Eight Spinal Operations Is Crowned Beauty Queen

From age 10, every day ofVictoria Graham’s life has beenfilled with excruciating pain. Until age 13, nodoctorcould conclusively determine what was causing her to feel as ifsomeone werehammering nails into her spine. Eventually, Graham was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or EDS a condition which reducescollagen production, weakeningevery inch of connective tissue in herbody. Graham’sbones were constantly dislocating due to her weakened connective tissue. Over the next few years, she enduredeight…


Curry, Warriors bounce back in Game 4, inch closer to second straight title | Fox News

June 10, 2016: Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry celebrates a basket against the Cleveland Cavaliers during the second half of Game 4 of basketball’s NBA Finals in Cleveland. (AP) Stephen Curry got back to dropping deep shots, chomping on that mouthpiece and even barking at LeBron James. Not himself through the first three games of the NBA Finals, Curry silenced his critics by pushing the Golden State Warriors within…


Euro 2016: Marseille clashes leave Britons in hospital – BBC News

Media captionFootage appears to show Russian fans charging at England supporters A number of British people are in hospital in France following a series of clashes between football fans in Marseille, , the UK’s ambassador says. Violence has broken out between England fans, rival supporters and police for the last three days in the port city. There were also clashes in the stadium following England’s 1-1 Euro 2016 draw with…


Will Terrorists Strike France During Euro 2016?

As millions turn out for the month-long Euro 2016 soccer competition, French officials say they are ready to protect spectators and the public. But can they really?”> The station must be evacuated! intoned the omnipresent public address system, repeating the message in French and in English. Please go to the exits and help people having difficulty. Some had heard the announcement shortly before that this would be just a test…


Messi nets hat-trick as Barcelona thrashes City on Guardiola’s Nou Camp return

(CNN)Having been schooled in the ranks of the famed La Masia academy, Pep Guardiola naturally thinks of Barcelona as his home. Wednesday night, however, was anything but a happy return. Pep Guardiola: ‘No bigger title than to follow Cruyff legacy’ But, in typical Barcelona fashion, its first chance led to a first goal — albeit thanks to a huge slice of luck on the way. Messi collected a loose ball…


Bolt of Lightning Muhammad Ali Laid to Rest in Louisville

Louisville, Ky. (AP) — The Greatest was laid to rest in his hometown Friday after an all-day send-off that was a lot like Muhammad Ali himself serious at times, but also exuberant, bracingly political, and funny. Ali made one final journey through the city he adored via a fist-pumping funeral procession through the streets of Louisville. The burial was followed by a star-studded memorial service where the boxing great was…


Fan Violence in Marseille Mars Start of Euro 2016

Marseille, France (AP) — Tear gas drifted through the air and broken bottles crunched under foot as French police struggled to control rowdy, drunken soccer fans causing havoc in the southern port city of Marseille on the opening day of the European Championship on Friday. As France and Romania were getting the tournament underway in Paris, a second night of violence and hooliganism raged in Marseille’s Old Port district as…


England and Russia fans riot in Marseille at Euro 2016 | Fox News

French police officers charge soccer supporters during clashes in downtown Marseille, France, Saturday, June 11, 2016. Riot police have thrown tear gas canisters at soccer fans Saturday in Marseille’s Old Port in a third straight day of violence in the city. (AP Photo/Darko Bandic) Violence erupted in Marseille’s Old Port district for the third straight day, both before and after a European Championship soccer match between England and Russia on…


UEFA may discipline Russia over fan violence with England at Euro Cup | Fox News

Clashes break out in the stands during the Euro 2016 Group B soccer match between England and Russia, at the Velodrome stadium in Marseille, France, Saturday, June 11, 2016. (AP) UEFA will open disciplinary proceedings over Saturday’s violence inside the stadium in Marseille, with Russia potentially facing tougher sanctions than England because its fans were in the front line of trouble at the last European Championship. After a third straight…


Abby Wambach Is Getting Roasted On Twitter For ‘Terrible’ Euro 2016 Analysis

Abby Wambach’s work for ESPN at UEFA Euro 2016 is a familiar tropefor soccer fans in the states. When it comes to American broadcasts, we’re all constantly given reason to not expect much from the analysts ESPN and Fox put in front of us, except no actual analysis at all. Usually, this lack of insight comes from former American players who offer little to the table besides the fact they’re,…


Mauro Icardi: Inter Milan star discovers the pen can be mightier than the sword

(CNN)You can’t judge a book by its cover, but it seems you can judge a man by what’s inside. Soccer autobiographies are all too often anodyne affairs, but Inter Milan footballer Mauro Icardi’s book Sempre Avanti is currently causing the 23-year-old Argentine a spot of bother after he had some harsh words for the people who pay to watch him play. Mauro Icardi talks family and feuds The altercation The…


English and Russian fans clash at European soccer championships

The European soccer championship began in France this week, kicking off with clashes between fans and riot police in Marseilles. One match on Saturday night saw crowds of Russian and English fans fighting in the stadium, as well as being teargassed in the streets outside. English soccer fans have a particularly bad reputation throughout Europe, although the last few years have been comparatively quiet. With riot police already being deployed…