• Goalies Boyfriend Sneaks Up Behind Her On The Field, Then She Sobs As He Drops Down To Propose
  • Harvard condemns lewd ‘scouting report’ by 2012 men’s soccer team
  • The Problem For Colleges Is Not Athletes, It’s A Lack Of Respect For Women
  • Did US Soccer Just Say A Donald Trump Presidency Would Mean No World Cup?
  • Meet the Billionaires of Thailand’s Red Bull Fortune

Goalies Boyfriend Sneaks Up Behind Her On The Field, Then She Sobs As He Drops Down To Propose

There’s nothing like a big surprise marriage proposal to bring happy tears to a woman’s eyes. It’s an overwhelming moment, when the man you love kneels before you with a ring held in his outstretched hand. There’s really no telling how you’ll react when the moment actually happens to you, and to be honest it doesn’t matter. This moment isn’t about the reaction, it’s about the answer. And for Sarah…


Harvard condemns lewd ‘scouting report’ by 2012 men’s soccer team

March 13, 2016: People walk near Memorial Church on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.  (AP Photo/Steven Senne, File) BOSTON –  Harvard University has condemned a sexually explicit document that members of the 2012 men’s soccer team called their “scouting report” of the women’s soccer team. In the nine-page document, which was uncovered this week by The Harvard Crimson student newspaper, a member of the men’s team rated…


The Problem For Colleges Is Not Athletes, It’s A Lack Of Respect For Women

The story of Brock Turner and his now infamous sexual assault crimes at Stanford Universityisnot the only one of its kind that has emerged this month. Like Turner, Baylor University’s football program has been at the center ofascandal that is also a hybrid of both a sports story and one of sexual assault on college campuses. In Baylor’s case, an independent report commissioned by the school’s Board of Regents and…


Did US Soccer Just Say A Donald Trump Presidency Would Mean No World Cup?

As they headed into their second Copa America group stage match, the United States Men’s National Team knew a loss would mean they’d be automatically eliminated from the tournament they’re hosting. How awkward would that be? The 100th Copa America is being contested in 10 different cities across the United States, and it’s the first time the tournament is taking place outside of South America. A US elimination just two…


Meet the Billionaires of Thailand’s Red Bull Fortune

The 24-mile leap from the edge of space to the sands of New Mexico was vintage Red Bull. With logos emblazoned across the skydivers spacesuit, helmet and parachute, the 844 mile-per-hour (1,358 kilometer-per-hour) freefall played out in 13 minutes of heart-stopping  Chalerm Yoovidhya Photographer: Paul Gilham/Getty Images While the relatives live well, they do not brag about it, said Yupana Wiwattanakantang, associate professor at the National University of Singapores Business School. Chaleo…


Justin Bieber gets fed up with fans, storms off stage during concert

LONDON Justin Bieber’s tour of the UK hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride. SEE ALSO: Justin Bieber took a break from being a pop star to play soccer with some students Just a few days ago, during a concert in Birmingham, he told fans to “just relax” after appearing to grow frustrated with them screaming while he was trying to talk. And now, this. as if Justin Bieber got so…


Dana Bash: Covering gender issues in the 2016 race

(CNN)When I was covering the presidential race in 2008, I was convinced that I was covering the most epic campaign of my career. Hillary Clinton was the candidate many Democrats deemed inevitable, but then Barack Obama came along. Their face-off went on so long, I thought that was going to be the campaign of our lifetime. And then 2016 happened. How the GOP’s first female presidential campaign manager manages Donald…


Pittsburgh Pirates remix ‘Game of Thrones’ credits for starting lineup introduction

Game of Thrones is practically everywhere at this point, as it makes forperfect mashup fodder and has made appearances at sporting events.But now the Pittsburgh Pirates have taken the best of both worldsto introduce their players before each game. The Pirates have been using a Game of Thrones-style introduction sequence, created by Jason Cauveren and Gary Baker, that shows the team’s players instead of the cities of Westeros. While the…


6 Times The U.S. Backed Murderous Dictators For Its Own Interests

After becoming an elected government official, be it a mayor, state senator, or even President of the United States, the well-being of the nation becomes your top priority. When not focused with the issues on U.S. soil, national government officials try to keep the peace on an international level with organizations like the United Nations and by carrying out clever foreign policy maneuvers. While striving to do what’s right for…


I Am Batman: Sonys PlayStation VR Brings Virtual Reality to a Thrilling New Level

With the release of Sonys new headset, everyday consumers can now experience virtual realityand the surreal thrill of becoming the Dark Knight himself.”> Im a gangster, riding shotgun during a high-speed chase. In one hand I have an uzi and I point it out the side window, aiming in the general direction of a baddie on a motorcycle. With my other hand, I reach out to the dashboardno longer in…


Texas soccer coach, an undocumented immigrant, accused of abusing 8 players

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Amputee Footballer Scores the Nicest Goal Youll See Today

Jay Tregakiss was once on the books of Manchester City but lost his left leg as a result of a rare form of cancer. That didn’t stop Tregakiss from playing the sports he loves though. Jay now plays with the help of crutches in the England Amputee Football Association (EAFA) National League, and scored a phenomenal solo goal in the Football is More event in Switzerland last week. Thanks for…


Sponsors Push Ahead With Zika Olympics

Scientists, doctors, organizers, and athletes have all chimed in on how Zika will affect this years Olympic Games. Why are the corporate sponsors keeping mum?”> Everyone, it seems, except the companies footing the bill. Typically spread by the Aedes egypti mosquito, new studies suggest that Zika may be transmitted sexually (even via oral sex) or by other human contact. In an effort to answer critical questions like this one, President…


Robot Bartenders and Virtual Skydiving: Smart Ship Cruises Into Asia

Robot bartenders mixing your cocktails, 360-degree views from an observational pod, and having the option of “skydiving” at sea. That’s the experience promised by what Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. calls the world’s smartest ship. The $1 billion Ovation of the Seas is joining the fight for market share in Asia, the world’s fastest-growing cruise market, and looks to set itself apart with high-tech entertainment. Royal Caribbean took delivery of the ship in April , and it is on…


Women’s Soccer Star Undergoes Surgery To Remove Brain Tumor

Lauren Holiday in 2015.  (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) Former U.S. womens national team star Lauren Holiday had surgery on Thursday to remove a brain tumor. She was diagnosed with a benign, operable brain tumor in June while carrying her child with New Orleans Pelicans player Jrue Holiday, and doctors induced birth early to expedite surgery which was slated for Thursday. Many friends and fans sent well-wishes to Holiday on social media as she…


The Dangerous World Of The Inner Circle

The Texaco station in Petal, Mississippi.  (Courtesy of the author) It was Friday night in Petal, Mississippi. I was 17-years-old and I decided to do something risky, something bold, something I had never done before: I drove up to a gas station. It may not seem an impressive feat to you, but this wasn’t just any gas station. This was the gas station, the Texaco the central meeting point for the popular…


Heading footballs ‘affects memory’ – BBC News

‘Growing concern’ Researchers fired footballs from a machine designed to simulate the pace and power of a corner kick and asked a group of football players to head a ball 20 times. The players’ brain function and memory were tested before and after the exercise. The university said it was yet to investigate whether the changes to the brain were temporary after repeated games of football or if there were…


MatPats new YouTube Red series ‘Game Lab’ brings video games to life

Reporter’s note: This is part of an ongoingseries featuring each new original show or movie debuting on YouTube Red. The subscription streaming service’s first slate of originals launched in February. LOS ANGELES Matthew Patrick knows a thing or two about patience. When he first started his YouTube channel in 2010, the 29-year-old known to fans as MatPat made a video where he analyzed the “Barrel Roll” move in the video…


Mom Warns Parents To Check Hose Water Temperature Before Letting Their Kids Play In It

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Small free birds fly, Escobar sings Athenry – BBC News

Media captionEscobar has been melting Irish hearts with his rendition of The Fields of Athenry A three-year-old parrot has nailed his colours firmly to the mast ahead of the Euro 2016 football tournament. Escobar – a Dublin-born Amazonian bird whose feathers are appropriately green and gold – has been melting hearts with his rendition of The Fields of Athenry. His owner, Kevin Lawlor, says Escobar “belts out” the Republic of…


Adidas Just Totally Embarrassed Itself With This Rookie Spelling Mistake

At the moment, most of the Western Hemisphere is gripped with Copa America fever. The world’s oldest continental soccer tournament is currently being played in 10 cities across the United States, and while there’s been plenty to cheer for since the tournament kicked off last Friday, we also have to talk about this monumental mistake on the part of sports apparel brand Adidas. According to the below tweet from a…


Cristiano Ronaldo Beat Out This Star To Top The List Of Highest Paid Athletes

The rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is probably the most fierce in all of soccer. Ronaldo and Messi, two goal-scoring machines, play for the top two teams in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively. Each season, these two fight for more team trophies and individual accolades than any other soccer stars on the planet. Anything you can do, I can do better, right? The latest battle between Ronaldo…


Teen Athlete Gets Kicked In The Head, Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish

Many kids in middle school and high school enjoy playing sports. It’s part of their daily curriculum, and may be even one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. Parents love seeing their kids bond with others their age and learn what proper sportsmanship is like. But with playing sports comes the risk of injury. High-contact sports like football are particularly dangerous because of the chances of getting gravely…